HEALTHY Dessert: Banana Ice Cream Recipe for My Birthday

HEALTHY Dessert: Banana Ice Cream Recipe for My Birthday

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Happy Birthday to ME! Mmmm homemade banana ice cream is on the menu for my birthday dessert. Yes, it’s healthy, low calorie, doesn’t include any added sweeteners but it’s so delicious and that’s what I like. All you need for this recipe is frozen bananas and almond milk, yes, that’s it! Of course I add some healthy toppings but the base is only bananas and almond milk (or milk of your choice)! Are you curious? Check out the video for the full recipe and instrutions on how to make this delicious treat.

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  1. I love your follow-up but I do not understand English and I wish to be careful because I only do the translation and thank you

  2. Salam Can you explain the amounts in French

  3. where do you buy the blender

  4. Can you use different fruit eg. Apples or pears???

  5. Aww, happy belated birthday! I just subscribed. This looks so good (esp for someone that craves ice cream all the time).😋 Plan on making this tonight.


  7. Great recipe! You can also sprinkle in almond shavings for extra protein and since its your birthday, top it off with chocolate! Yumm!

  8. Omg! I can't believe its ur b-day…. Advance Happy Birthday and have a blast 🙂

  9. I looooooveeeee this girl!

  10. Great recipe! And Happy Birthday too! You are so genuine, keep doing what you do because it is wonderful!

  11. Happy birthday! I do this often for a treat, but I but cocoa in the blender too, along with some natural peanut butter. Delicious.
    Also will taste great with chocolate protein powder!

  12. Happy Birthday Lunden, God Bless you. Thanks for your videos, are awesome.
    Best regards from Guatemala =)

  13. aw happy birthday sweetie! nice recipe yum

  14. happy birthday haha idk if in america it is the 18.11

  15. Happy birthday lunden!!! i like that little warm up while waiting for the blender. Enjoy your ice cream 'yummy'

  16. Fav kinda ice cream!! That's exactly the way I make it – most of the time I add 1 tbsp unsweetend cocoa powder as well to have an amazing chocolate nana ice cream 😍 enjoy your birthday Lunden :-*

  17. Happy birthday hon. Have fun.

  18. Happy (early) Birthday 🎂 Lunden!

  19. Wishing you an early happy birthday! Love this banana ice cream recipe and the birthday sundae you created.

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