Healthy Dessert Recipe (Under 100 Calories!) – POPxo Yum

Healthy Dessert Recipe (Under 100 Calories!) – POPxo Yum

This low calorie recipe is perfect for people who love eating desserts! This healthy dessert recipe is under 100 calories! This tasty recipe is perfect for people who are looking for a healthy dessert option at home!

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  1. can we use strawberry yogurt

  2. What would be the name of the recipe!?

  3. It is so easy😋😍😍😘off😀😁🤗

  4. Can we use nutella instead of yoghurt??

  5. Please make a video on how to make ice cream roles

  6. 0:57 the best moment…….😊😊👍👍

  7. just i lovee popxo…….😊😊

  8. From were can I find chocolate chips?

  9. popxo just tell me yu tell too me yu have close the channel on popxo food toh aap popxo yum pe video bnate ho guys justt tell me fast

  10. I had no yogurt . so I made it with milkmade. it was damn yum yum…

  11. Hit if you like desert and sweets

  12. very tasty and yummy recipe

  13. komal cherry are bff I think

  14. oh wow i can ,t wait my mouth is watering

  15. 0:43 she has no fingers but appreciate her effort

  16. what is vanilla yogurt exactly?

  17. what banana dipped in yougurt!!yukkk try more good desert recipes

  18. I made it with strawberry yogurt and its was soo yummy
    i just banana so much but not with this recipe

  19. I don't like banana🍌🍌🍌😲😲😲

  20. I am sorry popxo but this recipe looks good but not tastes good.

  21. Popxo luv your videos. Hope you will reply

  22. From where do you buy sprinkles and chocolate chips .Please reply

  23. can we use melted white chocolate instead of yogurt…plsssss reply…

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