Healthy dessert recipe ( Vegan Ice cream)

Healthy dessert recipe ( Vegan Ice cream)

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hi guys today I am sharing with you all a healthy dessert recipe. Its a healthy recipe to make choco chips banana ice cream with banana and coco powder. The recipe is vegan friendly, i.e non diary ice cream, diary free ice cream, all non diary products are used to make this ice cream. I have used cocoa powdere and banana as the main ingredient. The recipe is healthy, low fat, tasty and good for your taste buds. It is diet friendly ice cream. It satisfies your sweet tooth when you are on a diet. The dessert is very easy and simple. It will take less than 5 mins of your time. I have used banana and cocoa powder. if you liked this video then please like, share & subscribe.
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  1. mam icecream zyda banani ho banana nd chocolate powder kitny quantity lay banana k ilawa kuch or add kr skty hy falvor k liye plz reply

  2. mam icecream zyda banani ho banana nd chocolate powder kitny quantity lay banana k ilawa kuch or add kr skty hy falvor k liye plz reply

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