Healthy Dessert Recipes | Food Diaries EP 6

Healthy Dessert Recipes | Food Diaries EP 6

Episode 6:
2 Healthy Dessert recipes that will fix your sweet tooth
4 New Recipes for Healthy Meals

Fudgy Brownie Recipe:

1 cup (130 g), Garbanzo Beans (mashed)
3/4 cup, Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened
1 whole egg
4 ounce, Mashed Banana
3/4 cup, Coconut Sugar
1 tsp, Vanilla extract
1/2 cup, Coconut Oil
1/2 cup, Enjoy Life Chocolate chips

No Bake Cookie Dough:
1 cup, Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal
1/8 cup, Honey
1/8 cup, Coconut Oil
1 oz, Nuts, pecans
1 oz, Enjoy Life Chocolate chips
2 tablespoons, Raw Almond Butter


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  1. I'm going crazy through your videos trying to find the one where you made a dessert with dates. I bought dates and can't find the recipe now lol

  2. I watched this video this morning and by the end of the day I had picked up a big bag of coconut sugar to make one of the recipes. I have been reducing sugar for a few week now but have long been intrigued by coconut sugar. Do you have a video on it? I came back to comment because I just did a little online research about coconut sugar and there are quite a few critics of the sweetener. They say it is very slightly lower on the glycemic scale (like not enough to be significantly different enough from white sugar) and claiming it's nutrient and mineral content as trace amounts. You obviously bake with coconut sugar, what's your honest take on it?

  3. You make me giggle so hard!!! Weeeee 😂😂

  4. Dam your beautiful a body of a goddess great carrictor funny as he'll and you bake? holly shit girl

  5. You look like Georgie from familyfizz on YouTube!

  6. I know I am going to be making those desserts, call me ridiculous but my mind is blown with the peanut butter on the rice cakes! Ty for that idea, I can eat peanut or almond butter every day but I need different ideas instead of just apples and peanut butter .

  7. #macroswithjen……those brownies…lawd!!!!…ty

  8. have you seen the how to make coconut ice cream video , its cool

  9. i had the most amazing raw berry slice its had nuts and coconut

  10. Sorry I didn't see the calorie count for the portion sizes u put out on the brownies n no bake cookies

  11. Thanks I crave sweets so bad…!!!

  12. Thank you for sharing! You're so real with your videos! Love them! ❤️

  13. Zach will never go hungry.. EVER!! haha! 😛

  14. thank you. now for that tan secret.

  15. Hi Jen. Tip: There are many ways to cook broccoli, but if u want to get the most out of it nutritionally, it's best boil or steam it for just a few minutes, keeping it green and slightly crunchy. Love you 🙂

  16. Love your videos!!! Thanks for sharing!! Started tracking my macros for my weight loss journey. Love your simple approach to eating. There is so much different information out there that makes it soooooo confusing. I'm definitely going to try those cookie dough bites mmmm they look and sound so amazing!! 😉

  17. can you make a cookbook with all of your recipes in them please? or if you already have one out with these 2 in it can you direct me to it in a link?

  18. why do you use muscle egg, what is it for? do you use it instead of protein powder?

  19. How many dogs do you have?:)

  20. ok I made them with black beans (what I had). super good!!!!

  21. anyone know if black beans could be substituted?? or cannellini beans?

  22. I used oats instead of almond meal, melted the chocolate a little and had some awesome no bake cookies!

  23. Calories and fiber please please please!!

  24. Love everysingle video that u post Jen <3 where did u buy this shirt u are weearing in the end of the video, looks so comfy 🙂

  25. girl….do u like the bum hum bacana honey comb pants ?? I want a pair so bad….they look great on you….do they fit true to size? ? I'm between a size 6 and and according to their size chart I'd be a m/l.. I'm in Canada and I don't want to pay for shipping and duties if u think they aren't worth it….what do you think ?? 💜💜

  26. What would be a good substitute for the coconut oil if you're allergic to coconut?….. 🙁 Thanks! Love your videos!

  27. i eat a plant based vegan diet. Hign carb/low fat so not exactly what you eat but i still love watching your vids. Just watching people try to be healthier inspires me

  28. cant wait to try these amazing desserts!!

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