Healthy Lunch Recipes That Kids Can Make – Food & Home – ModernMom

Healthy Lunch Recipes That Kids Can Make – Food & Home – ModernMom

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Every mom wants their kids to eat healthy lunches, and the key is to put food in their lunches that they are going to want to eat. Click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos!

Find out how to make a chicken wrap for a child’s lunch with help from a kids’ cooking teacher in this free video on healthy lunch recipes.

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  1. anyone here in 2019?????????????

  2. I think we all know she didn't like the raspberry..I MEAN…JUST PAUSE ON THAT FACE. 4:14 And just watch that clip roll.

  3. I was born in this year

  4. This seems like a family who doesn't understand how to live. Also, it seems like the kid was forced to do this video. And super cringe.

  5. bakwas wasteage of time baby

  6. she doent like rasberries???

    Read more

  7. That looks like a pretty shirty rap and the dessert is funking shit

  8. the intro was literally the cringiest thing alive

  9. She did not like that raspberry

  10. You will eat it if you have the choice right kid says: ya mom: ok first you need to put hummus for the base

  11. ok that smile is cheeseeeeeee!!!

  12. Tells her she's more likely to eat it if she can choose her own fillings – proceeds to tell her what to put in it :/

  13. The mother is clever
    to do that. I like that

  14. when she ate the raspberry, it looked like she HATED it.

  15. can you share the rice recipe ?

  16. Why are they ripping off bento boxes? >.< Bento boxes originated elsewhere and they ripped it off. Also, sorry the girl didn't make the food o-o

  17. Sorry she didn't really make it herself…

  18. ok enriched rice is bad you idotic flaw

  19. Looks like that girl hates the raspberry!

  20. The chopsticks were adorable

  21. The little girl is super annoying to me and I dunno why

  22. I swear she hates that raspberries

  23. When the little girl ate the raspberry it looked like it was really sour and she didn't like it.
    Or was that just me?

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