Healthy Meal Prepping For Weight Loss – Tasty Recipes For Losing Weight

Healthy Meal Prepping For Weight Loss – Tasty Recipes For Losing Weight

I’ve got some healthy meal for weight loss because you guys asked for it! These meal prep recipes are perfect for losing weight. Everything is low carb, low fat, and low calorie healthy meal prepping. It’s pretty easy to make weight loss meal prep as long as you add lots of flavor. These recipes for losing weight only take 45 minutes to meal prep. Weight loss meal prep never tasted so good once you bite into these chicken kefta wraps. This healthy meal prepping is awesome, so let me know how you like my weight loss meal prep for the week.


425 calories per meal
16 grams of fat per meal
28 grams of carbs per meal
47 grams of protein per meal
6.6 grams of fiber per meal

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I’m out to prove that home cooks can be rock stars in the kitchen. I look forward to sharing my recipes & cooking style with you on my channel!

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  1. i love what you do!! thank you. 
    I am confused about the low fat conversation because if you know ketogenic diet is high fat and people loose lots of weight on this program. its not about calories in calories out its about hormones. insulin is a fat storing hormone so keeping insulin low will help people loose weight.

  2. Please do college meal prep ideas!!

  3. Wow … this guy hahaha

  4. I love how you say Kafta😂 and you are so right those spices are a mediterranean middle eastern thing, and we use them in Lebanon😍 i just found your channel and i love the recipes you made! Thank you so much😍 All the love from Lebanon😍❤

  5. I'm currently scouting many channels for healthy food I'm a picky eater but im must say alot of your recipes are making it on my list

  6. I just sub. i love all your video thanks for upload

  7. Oooooooo 😍😍😍😍

  8. Great videos, is it possible to also get how many grams for use in your mealprep vids?

  9. Still can't find the Recipe.

  10. Hi bobby! I just encountered your channel and could you do a weight loss meal prep without an oven?

  11. This looks mouth watering ! I can not wait to try !

  12. 45 seconds in and I'm already weak.

  13. Love your KETO recipes!!! You're awesome!

  14. Moroccan here 😂😂😂 love this! I’m gonna try all these meals for my weight loss challenge!!! Can’t wait thanks for this YO!

  15. Looks fabulous! I just got a glass top electric stove. I found that I am not suppose use my cast iron pans on it 🙁. Will I get the same kind of effect with a regular fry pan?

  16. Thanks Bobby for all the recipes you come up with and share. When you started this one my mouth started to water all the ingredients looked so good BUT when you started cooking the Keftas I went to store to get the ingredients and they are every bit as good tasting as they are looking. Thanks so much and can you please do lunches, they are my hardest thing to come up with.

  17. Hi Bobby, can you please make a meal prep for bariatric patients who have had a gastric bypass pleaseee. Am tired of eating the same bland things

  18. i been hopping around your meal prep videos for the past couple months and i love it. this one's awesome: the chicken is delicious, the veggies are great, but what i can't get enough of is that damn tahini sauce!

  19. Bobby what about the microphone zester? I want that!

  20. Do you have any weight gaining meals ?

  21. I am a lover of a healthy life I loved the recipes!

  22. For the tahini-turmeic sauce I had to replace agave nectar with regular honey and I have to admit that the i didn't like the taste. I think it has to do with my homemade tahini. Since I've never tasted tahini before I'm not quite sure if I made it right. I asked my wife to taste and she said the sauce tasted like medicine. I haven't tried it with the chicken kefta. I hope it compliments it.

  23. lol @ microphone rendition

  24. Bobby you absolutely hit this one out of the Park! I'm in a flava COMA :0) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…

  25. Me now: ok I'll start a diet "likes the video"
    Next day: omggg I can't cook this -gets upset and eats ice-cream while watching YouTube

  26. Making this tonight. Yum. Thanks for your great energy too. Looking forward to more of your recipes.

  27. Never mind – I found the recipe.

  28. I want to ask for a video, will you make healthy, power, snack prep ideas?

  29. never had parsnips until this recipe and me and my husband loved it so much. the veggies and the flavors were just soo amazing. loved the kabobs too, but would love some suggestions of what to add to make them spicy because my husband enjoys a kick to his proteins. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  30. Please could you put the ingredients and recipe underneath your videos like fit couple Cooks do then we can follow
    The recipe while watching the video which is really handy 🙂

  31. Everyone it's awesome to go to all his videos and see how he changes things up and says
    "WHAT UP!! MEAL…. "
    its different every time and thats great! Good job bobby!

  32. I tried this today. Had all the ingredients except for minced chicken. For some reason, I could not bring myself to like minced chicken. It triggered my gag reflex 🙁 Really wanted to like this, but I think I'll stick to ground beef!

  33. Ahhh I wish I was the taste tester when you do the quality control!
    Will need to try this!

  34. I made this one 2 days ago. It was soooo delicious! I never knew anything about a parsnip, that was really good. It did take me some time to prep, but through your channel, I'm learning how to do that better. I was excited to look in the fridge and see my meals ALREADY DONE!!!! Say WHATT!!! So awesome! BUT I have to say one thing…this is my second recipe of yours and you are so correct in that your food recipes have sooo muuuuch flavor. I almost ate all my meal preps as soon as I finished cooking them…that's a problem lol. I can't wait to cook some of these different recipes for my family. Ok now on to the next one! Please keep going Bobby and don't stop…hehe I'm learning so much about, spices and how to cook veggies and meats. Love your channel!!

  35. What's the name brand of the Agave Nectar.. There's so many

  36. Tried this today and it was a success! Didn't have a couple of the ingredients but I made do and was very happy with the result

  37. I ADORE THIS!! I like to meal prep for my workweek lunches to not have to deal with it but they're always so boring and the saaammmeee. THANK YOU so much for new ideas! I'm popping over to your 5-ingredient video RIGHT after this, I'm SO excited!!

  38. Hey Bobby, how do you suggest these be re-heated when eating them days after? Thanks for the awesome recipe.. 🙂

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