Healthy Weight Loss Sandwich Recipe || Low Calorie, High-Protein, Oil Free || Lose Weight Faster

Healthy Weight Loss Sandwich Recipe || Low Calorie, High-Protein, Oil Free || Lose Weight Faster

Healthy Weight Loss Sandwich. Low Calorie, High-Protein, Oil Free. Lose Weight Faster.

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  1. How do u suggest
    Sauce in weight loss sandwich😂

  2. Is it well for breakfast??

  3. I'm definitely going to try out that recipe but add a twist to it

  4. I lve u mam…ur diet rcpy ist wrld bst ….vry appriciatttt…..i also flww this diet..thnks and gv more vedio to diet rcpyyy godblss

  5. If u add tomatoes ketchup it inculdes added sugar whats the use it may increase the blood insuline levels and whatever u eat it will store as fats.
    Also egg yolks yellow have 50 calories.
    Aur 1 khake to pet nahi barega na.

  6. brown bread also includes refined flour …it's unhealthy… so better to take whole wheat roti

  7. but egg contains fat

  8. Hi….can we use this as breakfast for weight loss

  9. Not exactly high in protein since it's about half an egg which has about 6 grams of protein plus another 5 from two slices of bread but inspired me non the less. Also bell peppers!

  10. Cucumber and boiled eggs – never would of thought of them being together on a sandwich. Definitely going to make a sandwich similar to this. Cheers

  11. mam…can we skip egg in this recipe???

  12. plz make video for weight gain plz

  13. this is soooooooo easy I loved it !!

  14. Make a vedio on spicy low calorie snack and chicken sandwich

  15. nce video….mam mere lips pehli baar is summer season me regular dry hain bhtt zyada phat rhe hain….plzz plz koi tip den aisa pehle kbhi nhi hua winter me bhi

  16. dii i miss u alott i didn't see ur some videos bcoz i m not fine at that tym i got fever n now i m fine n gud i will see each n every video of u 😀😀😁😁

  17. helloo arpita… can i make green chuney…can u plss tell?!!!

  18. Hey! pls reply, m hair used to be super silky but now they are turning to be frizzy anf rough, pls suggest something

  19. It's useful for both,,, who want to lose weight or who want to gain weight,,, because it's healthy and every one want his or her health to b perfect,,,

  20. video for back acne please

  21. mam plz tell easy diet chart for weight loss

  22. hw it is possible??here u using bread..its maida

  23. hii Arpita ji how r u thanks for sharing sry for the late watching

  24. Definitely gonna try it after iftaar!❤

  25. DIY videos​ on volume,oil nourishing,moisturising,repair hair mask & protein facial & also healthy skin,hair drinks plsssssss.

  26. Oh thanku soo much honey,U r soo sweet…😘😘😘

  27. hi arpita
    I have problematic skin, if u could pls help me . I cn send u my pic on mail . i would be very grateful to u
    pls consider my request
    shivali rawat

  28. about acne plzz make a video plzz

  29. Wow😍😍😍👌👌👌👌😜😜😜

  30. A super video we left a big like 🙂

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