HEALTHY WORK LUNCH IDEAS | Meal Prep Lunch Recipes for Work or School

HEALTHY WORK LUNCH IDEAS | Meal Prep Lunch Recipes for Work or School

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Healthy work lunch ideas that are meal prep recipes for work or school. These easy vegan lunches are full of protein and fiber to keep you full and focused throughout the work or school day!

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I’m Jordan, and I’m a lover of all things holistic health and wellness.

I upload weekly lifestyle videos about:

Eating healthy, unprocessed, plant based food

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  1. What's your biggest struggle with packing healthy lunches? Mine is finding recipes that are healthy, filling, AND easy to prep! I tend to try to get too many ingredients and need to remember to keep it simple! lol 🙂

  2. These were really great meals… It used things that I batch cook but in different ways & I'm absolutely going to give that quinoa salad a go! 💚

  3. I like this..I find D Cutest gift for practitioner graduation ceremony

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! All of these look delicious and definitely made us hungry haha!

  5. Everything looks yum! Do you have a favorite quinoa? I’m really trying to like it.

  6. Thanks for the great ideas. I definitely struggle with not the fridge stocked up. If I'm missing a few ingredients than I just don't even bother. I know it's bad but true

  7. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂 Definitely finding that balance between healthy.. but filling. I have very little time to eat.. so many days I do pack a pb and j just because I know I can tuck the rest away so it won't dry out if I get interrupted. My biggest thing though is I like something leftover.. more put together.. like the noodle dish you've done here. I feel like that could sit.. you could come back to it. If I do too much snacking.. hummus and veggies.. fruit.. it's great and I feel great.. but in a 12 hour day I want a sit down something 🙂 This is a great inspiration!

  8. Something tells me if you did a "Day in the life of Jackson" it would be a lot of him sleeping and chilling 🤣🤣🤣🐶❤️
    That noodle dish looked so yummy!!!!!

  9. I always struggle with meal prep by getting tired of the food I made at the end of the week. I don’t have time to make a bunch of different options, and I can only meal prep one day a week. I definitely want to try out your noodle stir fry! I bet adding the sauce just before serving could eliminate some of the “meal prep blandness” that occurs around the end of the week.

  10. Delicious! You've included so many of my favourite ingredients

  11. I'm definitely using this video as inspiration for the week ahead! Thank you 🙂

  12. I have to go to TJ's this week… I added that Almond/Turmeric dressing to the list! Thanks! ANYTHING to make lunch packing & dinners easier during the back-to-school transition works for me 🙂

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