High Fiber Breakfast Omelette Recipe

High Fiber Breakfast Omelette Recipe

Eating low-carb is only half the battle! We should always consider how the food we’re eating impact our gut microbiome.

Ditch the bacon and cheese and replace them with fiber and phytonutrient-rich vegetables.

This super-simple leek and broccoli omelette is an example about how easy it can be to incorporate more vegetables into your diet.


  1. Neat but not an omelette. I'd probably call this scrambled broccoli .

  2. x4 eggs – how many does this serve?

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  4. Maybe some salsa looks interesting

  5. and a raincoat for the projectile diarrhea

  6. Does not look good

  7. can you please do more recipe videos. looking for ideas

  8. thats not an omelette. i want the 2:06 minutes back

  9. i'd rather eat the veggies raw or steamed… and the eggs aside…. it looked like pistacchio ice cream.

  10. If I hadn't had my coconut cream yet, I would be hungry!

  11. Looks like ice cream. What are the macros on this?

  12. I'm wondering if the heat will break down all the antioxidants?

  13. You made me think outside the broc!!!

  14. oh my!! trying this as soon as possible!!

    you also had Dr. Russell Jaffe talking about glutathione. Following your interview, I started roasting slices of onion, with coconut oil and sea salt, along with whole garlic cloves!! absolutely delicious, the sweetness of coconut oil and of the onion with the salt… soo good. just needs a little bit of checking and moving around so the onion sliced do not get burnt..

  15. I just made this, but instead of the leeks I used green onions and I'm telling you it tasted delicious

  16. what about the egg yolk oxydizing from heat?

  17. I've done the same recipe with the same ingredients , but I add a bit of coconut milk and slices of smoked salmon and some cayenne pepper and turmeric. It smells amazing with the smoke flavor of salmon and the butter flavor of coconut oil+ coconut milk . And I serve it with slices of avocado .
    Great video, keep up the nice content, I love your channel. Best of luck #bigfan

  18. Add some uncured ham and you'll have a Dr. Seuss breakfast: green eggs and ham!

  19. What's this taste like? looks like alot of fiber!

  20. So how does it taste?

  21. Omg…I love this recipe……I'm making this asap! Thanks for sharing

  22. GayRoss and to much work LMFCAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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