High Protein Recipe to Help Lose Weight Fast – Being Fat Sucks

High Protein Recipe to Help Lose Weight Fast – Being Fat Sucks

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Jason shows Martin that people can still eat delicious, home-grilled burgers without getting bigger! It’s all about adjusting.

Our protein cheeseburger has only 340 calories and 30 grams of protein. Why is a high protein diet good for you? Protein gives you iron, helps build muscle and supports your immune system.

What You’ll Need
-92% lean beef patties
-Whole wheat buns

Garnish Options
-Non-fat cheese
-Red onions
-Low-sugar ketchup
-Light mayonnaise
-Low-fat/low-calorie BBQ sauce

Grill up those burgers, then add garnishes to make them even better!

Health Info
Whole wheat buns: Have 90 calories, vitamin B for skin health, and dietary fiber, which aids in digestion, lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disease.
Tomatoes: Help prevent cancer, lower cholesterol and have vitamins A and C.
Non-fat cheese: Has calcium, which is great for bone health; magnesium, which promotes heart health; and only 25 calories, half that of regular cheese.
Red onions: Have antioxidants and potassium, which regulates kidneys.
Low-sugar ketchup: Have fewer calories than regular ketchup.
Mustard: Is very low in calories, so use as much as you’d like.

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Our overweight contestants are on a mission to transform their bad eating and exercise habits. See how being fat has affected their relationships, finances and goals. Follow the ups and downs as they strive to shed dozens of pounds and change their lives for the better.

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  1. Why does he look like Snape?

  2. He sounds like Dave Franco.

  3. low fat ant low carbs in one diet … something wrong.

  4. this is insane my weight was 222 and im going for 180 also….

  5. martin looks like professer snape..

  6. Mustard is zero calories is rubbish. Unless you make it at home, if you.read labels of most mustard bottles it has sugar, oil and preservatives.

  7. Totally removing fat from meats is not great… it helps your digestion.

  8. My coworkers laughed when I told them I would get rid of fat with Atomic Fat Loss, but then I showed them the results. Google Atomic Fat Loss to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  9. those are the saddest looking hamburger buns I've ever seen, They look more like pancakes

  10. Your sarcasm meter must not be working whatsoever. Secondly, when did I say I sit on the bus all day? Many people my age do not own a car, so in return we have to take public transit. I am in no way overweight. I'm nearly 6 feet tall at 140 pounds. I eat one meal a day. Also I can't stand McDonalds food. Additonally, sitting on the couch is fun.

  11. and so many disadvantages. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, chances of getting cancer, health risks, feeling of depression, breathing issues, sleeping issues. ALSO, would you rather sit in a bus alone all day long or spend time with your family and do something with your life? Even if you may be a little over weight, it's better to try and be active and healthy rather than sitting on your couch eating big macs and fries all day.

  12. Idunno what ya'll are talking about. Being fat kicks ass. It's got sooooo many advantages. Like talking up two seats on a bus so people don't have to sit beside you. And lets face it, that's the only thing you really need in life isn't it?

  13. this guy needs to be doing commercials

  14. this is awesome not fat at all need help eating right any tips i am a college pole vaulter and have trouble eating right any tips? i do eat a lot of chicken and vegs and fruits still would like some help. you should make some vid like that

  15. What is the name of those buns you were using?

  16. Whatever you say, I'll be waiting for that coffee.

  17. Lol…………you can dish out criticism, but you get hysterical with a dose of your own medicine. Take it easy. I'll buy you a cup of decaf.

  18. I honestly don't know what your problem is I gave you a sincere apology. Which if you need another here you go I'M SORRY FOR HAVING OFFENDED YOU. I won't make the mistake of apologizing again if that doesn't work. It was just a little comment grow up and get over it.

  19. Self flattery is such a virtue especially while being so condescending. Congrats.

  20. But because I'm a nice person I will apologize for having apparently offended you and now end this conversation.

  21. I am most definitely not I was the one who was JOKING!

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  25. Hey, hey, hey… someone did not watch or read all the Harry Potter's or else you would know he was good in the end!

  26. @HollisterBeachGirl02

  27. this guy annoys the hell out of me. spread the word on fitness but what the hell man you talk and act like a character out of south park. total BS salesman.

  28. If it is less than 5 calories, a product can be labeled as calorie-free. That can add up.

  29. Ep 24. Just for you eVoluci0n. I try to have a little fun with the Snape thing here and there.

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  31. Lol…………………..actually, I only have a superficial awareness of the Potter series. I'm in my forties, and I don't watch or read teen oriented novels and such. I have no idea what any of the Twilight characters are or are about for example. My original statement was just a silly comment on how the "fat" guy looks like one of the characters from the Harry Potter movies. Your attempt at"Elizabethan" English…..thoust?…..really? Sigh…..(rolls eyes)

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  33. Awesome Channel REALLY enjoy these!

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