High Protein Rice Krispy Treats | Healthy Bodybuilding Dessert Recipe

High Protein Rice Krispy Treats | Healthy Bodybuilding Dessert Recipe

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  1. he copied this recipe from Buff Dudes…

  2. did you speed this up, or do you always talk like the disclaimer in a radio ad?

  3. Why do you got bud light in the fridge? There are better beers out there

  4. All this guy’s recipes are the same. Take any normal recipe, add 2 scoops of protein powder, and meal complete. What a fucking joke!!

  5. Your eyes are so captivating in such a confusing way

  6. I love your honest rating system.

  7. By far, this is my most favorite thing to snack on in my house and at work. I have made this several times and shared with my co workers, now they beg me to bring them in to work. I found that adding a little more agave helps to make them stick together better (3/4 of a cup) and using wax paper helps flatten them out.

  8. What're you doing with that bud light in your fridge?!?! 😂😂😂

  9. You should do a protein brands taste test with a bunch of protein powders. I have been having a hard time finding an amazing tasting protein powder.

  10. My wife and I have started watching your videos on the living room TV while we do our cardio

  11. This is a recipe that I have started using perpetually, these are dope as hell. Thanks for the awesome knowledge, this is a new favorite for sure!

  12. These Are bad news Rem. I ate three of them. With my allmax Protein they get two Seal of approvals.

  13. I did the cutting version, switched agave with zero calorie sirup, whey with isolate + added 2 tablespoons of sea salt and put it in the oven för 10 minutes – Et voilà fat loss 😀

    Thanks for inspiration!

  14. Just tried this today, so far so good. Its in the fridge now, cant wait!

  15. I must be buying some bunk protein powder cuz the very thought of trying to make a tasty meal with it makes me want to vomit. lol

  16. Did he just make a joke about kiing people??

  17. I tried this recipe and I thought it was really good!! Keep up the good work man!👌🏻

  18. Got round to making these today and they get a double seal of approval from me lol Think they'll all be gone by tomoz 🙊🙊🙊

  19. Who doesn't know of Jason Voorhees! These look delish, if I wasn't making snickerdoodles tonight id have made these! And thanks for making all these cool videos for us, it is appreciated!

  20. I think I may have cringed every time he said agave but hey still an amazing video from the remington james! Now i need to go get some kirspies and make it snap crackle and pop

  21. @Remington James when are you gonna get more hats on your website?

  22. Have you used pure protein? If so how does it compair to what you use now?

  23. I was eating starbursts and kitkats while I watched this

  24. I wonder if puffed rice would work too

  25. Recipe in the description please 😊

  26. baa na na na na na na na nuh

  27. I love rice krispies. Had em for lunch today xD

  28. Bud your using dry ingredient measuring cups you need to get liquid ingredients measuring cups

  29. Video idea should be day eating and lifting for all team dry scoop. It be fun to see everyone routines.

  30. Im a cookies and cream fanatic so this with milk and cookies protein powder would be great

  31. So If you wanna be ripped and still have a good time with your redneck friends you can drink bud light😂😂😂

  32. Great video 👌👍👍👌 always inspiring me to build muscle

  33. Made these tonight with the cinnamon toast purbolics and it was amazing. Tasted like the cinnamon toast crunch cereal breakfast bar. 👌👍👌

  34. Awesome receipe add it with glass of almond milk perfect combo👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  35. To try to get the calories lower you could use pumpkin and PB2 mixed with almond milk.

  36. knocking on rice crispy treats – "Hello? Gains?" 😂 dude, you're goofy af! Love it! Another great video and can't wait to try this recipe! 👌👌

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