HONEST ** NOT SPONSORED ** SKIN CARE ROUTINE | Products and Diet Tips | Renee Amberg

HONEST ** NOT SPONSORED ** SKIN CARE ROUTINE | Products and Diet Tips | Renee Amberg

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My skincare secrets to vibrant, fresh, and glowing skin.

The first half of the video is the 3 things I keep in my diet for healthy looking skin and hair. At 5.12 in the video I share the products I use in my morning and night time skin care routine. All products I have been using for a while and I bought with my own money.

Products Mentioned:

Vega One All In One Protein Powder:

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder:

Amazing Grass Beauty Elixir:

Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer:

Neutrogena Naturals Makeup Remover Wipes:

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover:

Mario Badescu Exfoliating Scrub:

Mario Basescu Glycolic Acid Toner:

Tarte Maracuja Oil:

Benefit Cosmetics It’s Potent Eye Cream:

Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray:

Dea Sea Mud Mask:

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  1. Happy Friday! The beginning of the video is my diet routine that reflects through my skin and then at 5.12 I share the products I use during my morning and night time skin care routine! What do you guys want to see next week? Let me know so I can film them this weekend!

  2. You are such an angel 😍

  3. https://youtu.be/z_qzVOsl6K0
    must watch to see every day skin cleansing

  4. I honestly think its hilarious when chicks have a minute of them making faces and trying to look beautiful… Dont get me wrong your pretty i jist dont get that part of the videos lol

  5. I hope you know your coming off so rude like people who have beautiful skin obviously watch what they put into their body are you kidding me? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!

  6. the fact that eat don't/ haven't really struggled with acne then this video won't help many people who are struggling with acne

  7. thanks for the honest and not sponsored review… I'm tired of seeing these people showing their routine but its sponsored so I feel like theyre lying

  8. Can I ask how old are u?

  9. Loved watching this!!! 💗

    Just posted my own skincare routine on my channel 🙌🏼

  10. Pls shut up and get to the video

  11. I used to use Clinique and my face is oily… I was so IN LOVE with it. and then my boyfriend convinced me to try Cetaphil's cleanser and moisturizer 5 years ago and I haven't gone back!!!!!!!! its really the best thing that has ever happened to my skin. I use Cetaphil's cleanser and moisturizer I also use Mario's blue toner in the morning and mario's C serum at night… soo good!!!

  12. You talk about acne like you know what it’s like to have it. But you said you didn’t so don’t act like you know about it

  13. i don’t understand acne. i’ve eaten HORRIBLY and the most i‘d gotten were a few blemishes around my period. my logic is removing makeup = clear skin and obviously it doesn’t work like that- i’m so confused omfg.

  14. Every product has chemicals …..

  15. You have such beautiful skin thank you for the tips love you ❤

  16. Pimple is also caused by genetics 🧬 no hate spread love

  17. Your eyes are blue-tiful 😍💙💙💙

  18. 9:13 lmao i had to check my iphone to see if the notif came from me

  19. My S/O inspired me to become more mindful of taking better care of my skin/hair care routine so I bought 4 suggested items from this video, lets see if it works, I've noticed that the Philosophy Purity Facial cleanser is used in a lot of morning routine videos. It's 2019 and I really want that vibrant, glowing skin. No more excuses! It's not too late to start forming healthy habits for yourself.

  20. My skin type is oily. HELP

  21. Fuck you are gorgeous…finally someone who doesnt tan out

  22. Ney: shows all her products
    Me: slowly hide my 2 products

  23. l laughed out when she said "It's actually mud from dead sea"

  24. I wonder if this video is sponsored

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  26. Yo why are people hating on her for things as little as leaving running water just leave her alone

  27. You say it wasn't sponsored


  28. I think your beauty would shine through more in a more modest top sister.

  29. We love a honest queen

  30. I don’t think acne is a reflection of diet necessary. Some people eat clean, exercise, but still have hormonal break outs, over produce oil, have health issues (like PCOS) or have sensitive skin that breaks out easily.

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