How I Healed My Gut (IBS Diet Tips For Bloating & Digestion)

How I Healed My Gut (IBS Diet Tips For Bloating & Digestion)

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How I Healed My Gut | IBS Diet Tips & Cures for bloating and digestive issues.

It took me a full year of experimenting with my diet and different ‘IBS cures’ to find a treatment that really worked for me. In this video, I share how i healed my gut and IBS treatments that you could also work for you!

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  1. All the right suggestions, thanks for sharing.

  2. I am vegan and have IBS too. I just eliminated legumes from my diet but haven´t seen much difference in bloating. How do you manage your protein intake? Have canned lentils made you bloat?

  3. I totally understand I have IBS and my main symptom is bloating and I get it at night.

  4. Amazing women lolololove u 👍😘😛

  5. Where is your accent from?

  6. Hi Hattie, personal question, but what do you then currently use for birth control? Thanks! x

  7. If you were able to eat veggies, your issues were never serious. Give me a break!

  8. horrible thing to have. mines comes and goes. 👎.

  9. Winner of a video, been searching for "can ibs cause constipation" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Mackorny Defeat IBS Blueprint – ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it

  10. Anyone tried IBgaurd supplement?

  11. Great video. Very informative, thanks!

  12. ive been tested by the gastro for everything so they just label me as ibs, the diagnosis for exclusion. Wheat bothers me for sure. Our wheat supply here in the US is sprayed by glyophosate that can cause IBS. My stomach has been feeling great since giving up wheat. But I've been such a bread addict. I wish I could eat bread because it is convienent to eat as a meal or snak because you don't have to cook it.

  13. Vegetables , fruits and anything with fibers trigger my bowl and causes diarrhea and anything with gluten causes constipation , what should i be eating , i have been suffering since three to four years now , its really killing me mentally any causing me panic attacks and stress !!

  14. I was literally born with ibs. My whole life I’ve had this bloated stomach. I’ve tried everything from gluten free to veg to no dairy and nothing has worked. And I understand what you mean by feeling self conscious. Like going on holiday and not feeling comfortable in a bikini or in any crop tops. Or trying to hide in gym
    Class whilst getting change. I even have to have an ultrasound on my stomach every year. I seriously don’t think I can ever stop my bloating. And it’s only getting worse. 😔🤷‍♀️😫

  15. Meat doesn't cause problems

  16. Just come across your channel in a hope of helping my Daughter and trying to provide a healthy diet for her. She has been vegan for a yesr now. Two years ago she developed a dairy and egg intolerance. Everything has been absolutely fine since making these changes until she came back from Spain a couple of weeks ago, where the only food she could eat for five days was salad and chips, at the beginning of her holiday she accidentally and some dairy with caused her a lot discomfort and bloating. She went back to her normal diet when she got home and seemed fine until through peoples ignorance on allergies she was given dairy again and has incured time of work because of this. She has ibs, but i just don’t know what to feed her and she is finding it hard to eat for fear of being in pain. Need some help Please.

  17. I have spent a long time investigating dealing with irritable bowel syndrome and discovered a great resource at Stomach Oracle Omnibus (look it up on google)

  18. I can across a good collection of videos that should help on Stomach Oracle Omnibus

  19. I look pregnant because of my bloating😂and I only poo once a week someone help lol

  20. For my case pasterized dairy, olis, processed sugar, nuts, grains, are evil…But real meat is great for me, and raw dairy and egg yolks, fruit and some veggies also great. 😉 Simple prepared food in generally 😀 Btw I love your eyes 😀

  21. how much fibre do you usually get in a day?

  22. I can understand your feeling ,ibs made me dead since past few years……

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