How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips

How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips

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Disclaimer: This is my personal weight loss story. I’m not a dietician.

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  1. This was the first video i ever watched from you, I can’t believe this was 5 years ago. Like wow. Here I am, 5 years later. Your videos have improved so greatly. Really proud of your success Jenn. Keep up the good work.

  2. Who's watching this in 2017? 🙂

  3. I love your first tips! Very creative!

  4. taking photos of what you eat is a great idea!

  5. ewww vegetables, my only weakness

  6. Love how honest and straight forward you are, but still feminine and sweet!

  7. Super great tips! I agree with a lot of what you said. Some stuff you mentioned i'm already doing… When you mentioned blogilates i literally yelled for joy 🙂 i love her videos, thanks for posting.

  8. I'm working my stomach U think this would for me ? Becuz you know what work for you wouldn't work for others but question I keep hearing about carbs carbs and more carbs when you buy food on the back of your product it has carbs box or can so are you saying pretty much leav that along now I want to know r there such thing as good carbs and bad carbs and if so what has the bad one and what has the good becuz when I buy stuff I always look at the cals n sodium so now carbs is no no also ? I really want to know so I can stay away from that Becuz im serious about my stomach weight and I know sugar is bad so what else is bad that's pretty on the sugar,carbs,sodium,cals level

  9. You are so pretty and I like your makeup!

  10. wow she's so funny AND she's well spoken whaaat best youtuber 

  11. I remember watching this video a year ago and I followed her tips and actually lost weight! I joined my schools cross country team, started going to the gym, and ate really well. I ended up losing 15 pounds. But then I got stressed out and gained 20 pounds. 🙁 helllpppp

  12. Well I started loosing some weight when I stopped eating at night and i also played tennis after school so I drank a lot of water still kinda do and that helped

  13. You're beautiful girl!! thanks for the tips. SO helpful!!!

  14. One thing that helped for me was to not mix carbs with animal proteins (meats, eggs, and dairy) in the same meal. I ended up eating lots of lean organic meats as well as trying out a bunch of fish and pairing that with plenty of fresh veggies of all types. I didn't cut out carbs completely, but I opted more often for the meat because it keeps me full longer.

  15. Your voice, your hair, your body, your eyes! OMG U ARE PERFECT!! This helped a lot and your funny. Love it jennnnn n

  16. Put some lemon in your water for a natural detox!

  17. My aunt said that if you feel hungry after you already ate a meal then you should drink a glass of water and see if your still hungry.

  18. There are soooo many people down here saying she shouldn't make a whole sandwich & then throw the bread away. She OBVIOUSLY means doing that when you're eating out! If she was the one who made the sandwich she would 1. Use one slice of bread and 2. put as much of the sauce as she wants in order to NOT throw it away later. For God's sake!

  19. Jesus, I lost 80 pounds….. I mean good job but were you really ever over weight? lol Your before picture was adorable, eat what you want! Also those ramen noodles are not really good for you as they are coated in wax.

  20. 10 pound in over a year is nothing man..

  21. thank you for sharing this information

  22. I eat boiled vegetables for dinner and work out everyday. Strengthening, pilates and cardio in different days so you are never bored. Yesterday I joined a frisbee team and played with the boys. It will make you more accountable and boys don't mind to have a girl joining them even if I suck really really bad. Lastly, I only eat bigger meals if I go out, but rest of the time, I leave carb in the morning and rest of the meal light. I get those flavorless fiber and add into water to help colon cleansing. And remember to sleep early so next day you feel refreshed and ready to work out and work. 

  23. her voice is so sexy.

  24. How'd you do your hair and makeup

  25. Your pretty much right, I cut carbs after 2pm & replace them with greens. I park far away so I can walk but most things you've said is similar to my diet & I've lost 15pounds in 2months I've got heaps more to go but it's work for me. Thanks for sharing you tips x

  26. im 5'1 and i was 120 pounds but now im kinda to 116-118 Ibs and i feel awesome! if i just exercise i think i could lose more xD 

  27. you look like selena gomez there!

  28. Looks like you didn't even need to lose weight in the first place.

  29. Props to you! Glad you decided on taking that step towards a healthier lifestyle. You look gorgeous and healthy! Keep up the healthy eating 🙂

  30. Finally a YouTube Vlogger who actually has a good vocabulary and is well-spoken 🙂

  31. We don't need that cupcake ✊

  32. Ur so beautiful I love u

  33. never forget why you started

  34. You should do a video on your hair in this video!! Super cute c:

  35. I keep losing weight and putting it back on. It's frustrating.
    Do you have any tips?

  36. Thanks for making this Jenn! The people who say 10 pounds isn't much clearly didn't bother watching the start of the video.

  37. just wanna share.. i also lost around 10 pounds two years ago and as jenn's experienced too , it took a year to actually maintain my weight right now. maybe some people could lost 10 pounds in one or two months, but to maintain the stability on the weight, it needs a year.

  38. Carbs aren't bad for you at all. The majority of the food I eat is carbs. I eat loads of fruit, I eat 2 slices of bread everyday, I love potatoes. I'm not overweight at all. 🙂

  39. drink two glasses of water in the morning b4 u eat anything and wait 30 mins. b4 you eat breakfast 🙂

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