How I MEAL PREP my food (Recipes Included)

How I MEAL PREP my food (Recipes Included)

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Meal prepping with Josh, New food containers, & Healthy Recipes!


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  1. Thanks for your post! Where did you get the organic rosemary

  2. So this is a meal prep for lunch and dinner right? I'd love to see what you do for breakfast! It's hard to find fit gurus out there with a breakfast prep

  3. I dont like reheating fish. It makes my workplace smell like fish! Lol

  4. ????Is this meal for maintaining weight,loose fat or for what please reply?

  5. Will u marry me….? Let's go to Maui

  6. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍i literally dropped my tablet when i saw how STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS you were 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. So the chicken you put it in the oven 500 degrees for 30 minutes?

  8. Would you consider going on keto?

  9. This is such a useful video! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. We only care about you girl…

    You definitely punching about your waist… Ahaa

  11. Do you weigh your meat before it’s cooked? Like do you try for 5 oz cooked meat? Thanks! ☺️

  12. Can you do private lessons.? Please.

  13. You can get those black meal prep things at walmart for 9 buck and they have 16 in them

  14. You have your own channel now 😂

  15. i love the meal prep ideas

  16. Great video! Just wanted to know how many calories do you (Heidi) eat per day? I just started crossfit and have been tracking my meal and such but i just don't seem to gain any weight, I am 95 pounds and 5'1 inches tall and on a 1400 calorie high protein low carb diet. Although someday's its hard to do low carbs… Thank you so much for sharing this video, some really good tips! 😀

  17. How to do you reheat your frozen meals

  18. Wouldn’t the meals get freezer burned ? That lid does not look freezer safe at all

  19. Check out my partnerships business called “Stay Naked Fit” meal prep company. We are on Facebook, and instagram! Thanks! Spread the word please!

  20. Did u let the food cool before u put it in the freezer and fridge? If not u should it keeps it more fresh

  21. looks disgusting, food always taste better fresh, the shit people go through to look good

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  23. I’m also worried abour undercooked chicken when I cook them whole in the oven or on a pan. I somehow never succeed lol its either pink in the middle or completely dry.

  24. Love this I always wash off my meats first and clean them

  25. Can you share the links to the bowls from amazon please? Thanks

  26. Just over here stalking your videos! My new fave ♥️♥️

  27. Omg I hate fish but that looks so good

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  29. I'm new to your channel so is this good for maintaining the weight I've lost?

  30. aluminum foil is highly toxic!!

  31. So when you freeze it, do you just pop it in the microwave when youre ready to eat them?

  32. Heidi Somers wannna be more healtier in my life I'm feeling sad

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