HOW I MEAL PREP | Recipes | Girly Gains

HOW I MEAL PREP | Recipes | Girly Gains

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  1. از غذا کده قوارشه بیششتر نشان داده هههههه

  2. Love rewatching your videos for the recipes 🙂

  3. Why does she weight her food can she just put it in a small bowl and the food she buys is expensive not even interested in seeing this see yah

  4. How do you keep all your meals fresh ?

  5. After watching all these meal prep videos, why doesnt one person explain how they preserve the food. Freezer or fridge???? Aren't you showing how to prep it? How Is it stored???

  6. Living for these videos! New subscriber!! Please make more!!

  7. I have a bunch of food allergies but I can have like everything in your prep except the potato but sweet potato is okay.

  8. You are so beautiful!!! Wish you had a vegetarian option! Other than salad ofc

  9. Everything looks great (coming from someone who is a new nutritionist and lost 80 lbs) if you are bulking you can still bust some fat at the same time but not eating lean mean. Way to go!! You are beautiful and doing really good.

  10. Heidi when you are trying to lean out, do you eat brown or white rice?

  11. Rice is easy and cheap. Never leave it out on, for days. Cook one day, stick it in the fridge, reheat the next day. Dump what you don't use.

  12. Where can I find the zucchini noodles?

  13. Wow what a great body You have. Can you help me ? I have all the fat on my upper body , what exercise can you suggest me in order to burn that fat on my back, shoulders, stomach arms thanks

  14. Your mom knows whasssssup. Zojirushi is the best Japanese brand rice cooker, I’m Japanese I know 😂

  15. Would this help me gain weight ?
    I want to be slim thick but hard finding videos to help me meal prep for a weak or two
    I’m 5,3 and weigh 125 Tired being skinny 😭

  16. Rice.?? I tought rice is fattening

  17. Love the portioning detail! ❤️

  18. Love the Meals & Recipes The only problem I have with you preparing the meals, I think you should have your hair in some sort or ponytail & pin up so hair will not be get in the food it is very unsanitary to have your hair Down while preparing any food dish or drinks Love the Videos you Do of the Food preparing Great 👍

  19. long hair with prepping or cooking is a no go… imagine .. long long hair in the food. YUK

  20. You’re amazing. Such an inspiration. I’m wanting to start my fitness journey. I’m just so scared especially not knowing how to properly use equipment and position my form. Love that you’re so close to home! Austin, Tx here!

  21. Is there a grocery list for all this?

  22. This is what I struggle more with four little kids and my husband working crazy shifts in the police force, sometimes I just end up throwing whatever veg o have in the fridge with some eggs, and any meat I may have in it too. My boys are now on school holidays for summer so I’m hoping to organise myself better come September when they are back at school and I have more time to myself.

    I am loving your channel and finding it so helping and inspiring. Keep those clips coming Heidi, you rock! ❤️💪🏻

  23. What about your sugar / carbohydrate consumption? I am afraid to raise my insulin levels. Especially because I may already be insulin resistant and have a fatty liver. Just starting my journey.

  24. could you do healthy burgers please?

  25. I love these food prep videos that u make

  26. where do you get your meal prep bowls!

  27. Your kitchen is huge, Im guessing you live in TX or the midwest

  28. Can you use regular potato istead of sweet potato

  29. This was amazing Heidi 💕

  30. This was perfect, thank you!!!

  31. I love your meal prep videos! This is great!

  32. Is there recipies anywhere? So I can go shopping? I love the idea of meal prep but am lost!

  33. adorable! Greta video! Love the new, creative ideas! GO GIRL! 305 protein!

  34. great ideas thanks.

  35. This prep is for how many days n how many meals per day?

  36. In my country we dont have half of things u have to buy there. No lean meat, no zuccini nuddles, cocconut oil spray ..

  37. this is an amazing video so happy i found it!

  38. Love all your vids Heidi! You inspire me to be better physically and healthier!

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