How to Get TONED Arms | Diet Tips & Workout

How to Get TONED Arms | Diet Tips & Workout

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Everyone wants that toned look! so i’m here to help. In this video I explain the importance of diet and how it plays with getting that toned look as well as my favorite arm circuit workout!

10 Push-ups
10 Tri-Shoulder Raises
10 Bicep Curls
10 Tricep Kickbacks
Rest 60-90s
Repeat 2-3 more times!

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Whats up everyone!!! My name is Daysha aka. Bodibiday and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I used to be extremely skinny!! Not on purpose, but more of a genetic thing and a high metabolism… 87lbs was the most I ever weighed and I was able to put on over 20lbs of muscle, build curves and gain so much more confidence! So I dedicate my life and this channel to helping others, especially women, gain weight in a healthy way by working out and building muscle and educating about how the body works!


  1. Will this make your arms bigger like thicker but without fat

  2. You are so nice ! 😘😘🤗

  3. I literally have a fake toned arm. Everyone thinks I have muscles in my arms but issaaaa lieee.

  4. will this work for thighs as well?

  5. Youre grear, keep it up.

  6. your arms are sooo big!!! 6:00

  7. you are so beautiful I like your videos from india

  8. i cant take you booty building quiz? is there a reason why?

  9. What is the song in the beginning

  10. How many days should I do this each week

  11. Oooo look at thickumss 😍

  12. Awesome video! I think people need to understand also that there are some exercises that you shouldn't go super heavy on. If I feel a clicking in my shoulder, I drop weight immediately. Some days I'm working with 25s and 5s, but my arms are starting to look amazing lol never ever underestimate those 5lbs!

  13. i love your workouts they really work out

  14. i thought your shirt said the n word at first 💀💀

  15. Привет с Украины)!

  16. You have been such an amazing help with my weight gain. If it weren’t for your videos I wouldn’t have known where to start! I now have the body I’ve always dreamed of having 😭

  17. Really great video! You explained this so well💪🏻

  18. You always have a good videos thank you so much, nice top I see why a lot of people are asking you about it on IG.

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