How to Lose Weight and Keep Your Curves | 3 Healthy Diet Tips (No More "Skinny Fat")

How to Lose Weight and Keep Your Curves | 3 Healthy Diet Tips (No More "Skinny Fat")

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What’s up What’s up! Today I’m breaking down how to lose weight, burn fat and get lean while keeping your curves. No more endless cardio or restrictive diets just to end up “skinny fat”. Nope. We’re doing this the healthy and sustainable way. I’d love to release a follow up video on this, so please comment any request you have below!


  1. Im 170 and 108 lbs but i think Imm skinny fat…. i dont want to bulk up either i just want to lose the fat

  2. My goal is to get out of 16 jeans to a size 5-6 with real 6 pack abs not so much hour glass

  3. I’m shaped like a fucking avocado I’m skinny and fat😂💀

  4. Love your Pokemon T-Shirt <3

  5. Wow this is one of the rarest but very very informative and accurate fitness video I've watched in so long. Keep going hard and strong girl.

  6. I got this scale it’s amazing

  7. before I continue with this video, you have the cutest lisp EVER!!

  8. Ughhhh wish i found this video a year ago!!!

  9. I really wanna get a fit body but I can afford going to the gym. Will Bodyweight exercises be helpful?

  10. very helpful! thank you so much <3

  11. just bought a scale and it was only 59.00 ! thanks!!!!!!!!

  12. Cool well I'm this skinny fat. And I'm vegan and that's not changing. 😅

  13. You are the real expert. I found non of exercise YouTube give the fact as you do. They put tons of veggies on video and lunch boxes. Less meat or fish (any protein) and tell to eat tons of nuts. Even suggest to be vegan to loose weight. Girls believe and try to loose weight and be skinny like them. I like you more. You are very better. You have truly healthy body and skin. Not too skinny and can tell everyone what to do. I followed your direction and I got the better result.

  14. So true i have bigger curves for my age but i wanna lose the arm fat belly fat neck and face fat and just a bit of butt and leg fat

  15. You remind me of my youngest daughter…. reds turn heads!

  16. Excellent! Exactly what I needed! Thank you!

  17. 53 kilo is too much for me…

  18. She's honestly such a goo role model for teens …. Not only is she so sweet but she actually represents the average person and what you can achieve through excersise , healthy eating and motivation .

  19. Do you suggest to do cardio first and weights after or weight first then cardio to lose weight? I’m like 30-40lbs overweight. 🙁

  20. I was searching for your body scale code and after listening to your advice in this video, you stopped me from going into a massive caloric deficit to lose some of the pounds I’ve gained. I’m going to buy your scale and take it slower. So thanks for the code and words of wisdom. ❤️

  21. you are my favorite muscley little hourglass

  22. I would love to have that Pokemon shirt, but since I'm not beautiful I know people would make fun of me.

  23. I'm skinny fat but I've gained a decent amount of muscle. I still have a noticeable layer of fat though. I don't think I'm overweight but I want to lose fat. I don't want to use a caloric deficit though because every time I try my animal brain is instantly triggered. Should I just include some hiit cardio and IF?

  24. Hi Abby, I love watching your videos. I think you should take a look at this video, re your calorie deficit opinion.

  25. As soon as I saw Pokemon I thumbs up lol

  26. super helpful. Thank you!

  27. I’m so happy I finally was able to stop eating all that candy and late night meals cause of my weird sleep schedule and want for sweets. I just started eating better more fruits and veggies at a calorie deficit and tying to drink at least 2-3 liters a day. Thanks to you know I will need to start heading back to the gym before I start losing muscle mass!!! Thanks girl! 😍

  28. Hi. I'm a 10 year old girl and I tried this and I was 100 lbs and I tryed this and now I'm 85 lbs in just 3 months thanks so much!

  29. I can do the workouts but I have no idea what and how to eat healthy

  30. I love and value your teaching so much. I hope to see results in another month or so!

  31. what is your opinion on yoga? surprised i don't see a lot of videos of you talking about that

  32. pokemon gotta catch em' all !

  33. Uhm, so i need to eat protein just to maintain my muscles?
    Ive been fasting on and off the last few weeks (24-48h or fasting with 48h breaks of my regular eating habits, with my protein intake not geared towards muscle gain) while doing daily split muscle group weight training in the gym. Is this good enough a workout to maintain my muscle mass??
    (been working out daily for 2 weeks, gained 2 kg 69kg->71kg, started fasting while still working out daily for 2 more weeks, lost 3 kg 71->68kg without noticing a decrease in my performance)
    Anyone stating their opinion would be great 🙂

  34. I’m not on the road to I’m ALREADY ON THE HIGH WAY OF SKINNY FAT😭

  35. Abby thats exactly whats happening to me. Aaaaghhh thanks for the advice

  36. Very educational and motivating. I stopped lifting weights a few years ago, but I'm considering changing my lifestyle for the better after watching your videos. I'm relatively healthy, 5'6, 135 lbs., but I struggle to eat healthy. I like everything that isn't good for me, too much salt and sugar. I'm don't want to gain size, but I would like to be stronger and have more muscle definition. 🤗

  37. plz help me.. plz tell me what should I do..
    my previous breast size is 34 c .. not only size matters.. but the firmness and tighten breast.. jo kabhi the.. ab nahi hain..
    ab bht sagging ho gayi.. bht loose.. or size bhi bht kam ho gaya hai.. or fuller bhi the phle pr ab to flat screen ho gaye hain hum or phle hamara butt size shape curve bht achha th mtlb.. jisko agar hum khud dekhein to pagal ho jaate the.. pr ab to waha bhi flat screen ho gaye hain…. help me..
    hum kya karein.. exercise mein diet me..
    jisse hum free phle jaise ho jayein..?
    hum daily chickpeas boiled , banana, fenugreek seeds, flaxseeds.. tomato ,milk and yogurt .. ye sab ke saath exercise..
    pr kuch results nahi mil raha hain..
    I really need help

  38. So true, number on scales doesn't really matter, my goals are to look in great shape and have toned body

  39. Can you look into or explain why there are all those studies that show the Mediterranean diet (which is lowest in protein) is the best for long term weight loss and overall health???

  40. where am I suppose to find out how to look skinnier (and lose curves xD) without losing weight..?

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