How To Lose Weight Fast With The Fruit And Protein Diet

How To Lose Weight Fast With The Fruit And Protein Diet

How to lose weight fast with the fruit and protein diet. Given that most people can probably lose a little bit of fat and gain some muscle, it is no surprise that new diet fads are always coming out. While calorie and portion control are the fundamentals of any weight loss or weight gain goals, simple yet sustainable diets can sometimes do the trick.

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The following things are stuff you should totally avoid if you’re looking to shed a couple pounds.

1) French Fries And Potato Chips. While potatoes themselves are pretty healthy, french fries and chips are in fact not healthy in the least bit. In fact, they’re closely linked to weight gain. One study even found that potato chips are one of the biggest contributors to weight gain, more so than most other foods. You’ll even want to avoid baked, fried or roasted potatoes, because like most things these days they contain cancer causing substances called “acrylamides”. Bottom line: avoid potatoes in general unless they’re plain, boiled potatoes. Hey! Stay away from that McDonald’s drive thru! Yeah, keep driving.

2) Sugary Drinks. There are a lot of unhealthy foods on this planet. The aforementioned potato chips. Candy. Ice Cream. However, soda and sugary drinks are probably in the top ten for worst foods for weight loss. If you’re drinking a lot of soda, know that it’s going to have several disastrous health effects on your body, not to mention that it’s absolutely killer for weight loss. You see, the brain doesn’t register soda’s calories like it does with solid food. You won’t be getting any fuller and you’ll just drink more and get fatter. Our advice: if you’re trying to lose weight, avoid sugary drinks altogether. Hey! Get away from that McDonald’s drive thru! Yes, we know how refreshing a cool dollar diet coke would be right now, but you’ve got to avoid it! Yeah, keep driving.

3) White Bread. While it’s undoubtedly better than brown bread, it’s best to avoid this refined, sugary grain product. It’ll spike your blood sugar levels, plus eating just two slices a day will up your chances of weight gain and obesity. Try one of the healthier alternatives, oopsie bread, cornbread, and almond flour bread are all great options. The best option, however, is Ezekiel bread, which is said to be the healthiest bread on the market today.

4) Candy Bars. We can hear you through your phone/laptop/desktop/spaceship monitor: well duh Bestie, obviously! Well, we didn’t know you were suddenly a health expert viewer, maybe YOU’D like to make the video! That’s what we thought. Candy bars, like white bread, are packed full of sugar, unhealthy oils and refined flour. They’re high in calories and low on nutrients, which isn’t what you want when you’re trying to lose weight.

5) Pastries. This includes cookies, cakes and all sorts of pastries, but they’re all more often than not bad for you. Once again, these babies are chalked full of refined flour, sugar, and other healthy ingredients. They also contain a lot of trans fats, which are linked to many diseases and health problems. Finally, they’re high in calories and low in nutrients, plus they’re not very satisfying. Should you decide to eat one of these light foods, you’ll most likely still be hungry later, as they’re not very filling.

6) Alcohol. This only applies to some types of alcohol, but especially beer. These are low in carbs and protein, but high in calories. There are a lot of asterisks when it comes to this point, however.

7) Pizza. This is one of the most popular fast foods in the world, but unfortunately, the American created treat is very unhealthy. It’s awful for those of us trying to achieve some weight loss. We are however mostly talking about commercial pizzas here, so keep that in mind.

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