HOW TO MAKE HEALTHY Low Calorie Dessert Pizza

HOW TO MAKE HEALTHY Low Calorie Dessert Pizza

Low Calorie Dessert low calorie dessert recipe baddestxo reviews pizza Low Calorie Pizza
What I Used:
FlatOut White Bread 120 Cal
Pb2 45Cal
Stop &Shop brand sugar free chocolate syrup 15cal
Waffle Cookies 23cal
Marshmallows 45cal
ChipsAhoy Cookie 80cal
Oreo 45Cal

I used 1/2 serving of Syrup & Marshmallows

Cooking Instructions:
Preheat Oven 375
Put flatbread in for 2-3 min or until slightly crisp
Put back in oven for 3 min (OPTIONAL)


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  1. Why do you dress in this way to make something to eat? To show you boobs and buns, you should choose to shoot some different, okay?

  2. You and your dessert look sexy

  3. 🙏 for these videos I’m a fat girl that lovesss her food, so this is helpful in so many ways I’m trying the pizza this week and the dessert pizza

  4. Mama your killing me!!! I hate sweets and I’d love good and healthy snack foods. Especially savory and crunchy. Or healthy practical meals. Also need variety. I lost 230 pounds in 11 years. I lost my taste for a lot of sweets but I always need a new health recipe.

  5. I don't think we have any of that stuff in canada

  6. I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that from u to get suitable tips and answers for my questions.

  7. What can I use in place of the peanut butter due to my daughter having a peanut allergy? That would still taste good

  8. Omg that looks too good to stop at just one piece😩😩😩

  9. Dessert…finally! But the dessert, sexy AF?! 😁 Keep it up, bossss lady! Funny stuff…funny stuff 😜

  10. LOL…you're the shit!!!

  11. Damn Marjan, So Perfect 👌🏽

  12. Great recipe chef badass….wish I was there to try it out. Defiantly will try when I'm craving something sweet.

  13. i must say youre very beautiful but even more beautiful with your hair up! also i love the consistency of vids, youre on a roll girl!

  14. Yet again another video that has saved my life. Love ya Baddest!

  15. oooh i will make this when "aunt flo" comes to visit…lol…thanks so much for the recipe

  16. now i want to know what that tatoo means in your back 🙂 , isnt that your souvenir from lapinta prison back when you was G ?

  17. you're so beautiful and energetic, your smile is of wonders lol and I wish the best for you mamita.

  18. damn you're beautiful! 🙂

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