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Thinking about starting the carnivore diet? Here are my top 5 tips!

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  1. Highly recommend doing at least a Loose zone/Mediterranean diet for at least couple weeks b4 keto/ Carnivore if ur on a higher carb diet. It won’t cause any issues, and gets ur body used to less carbs and more fats, and then u can gradually lower the carbs and raise the fats over a few weeks until ur in ketosis. It’s a really easy diet to maintain, and the only crucial aspect to try and get around 30% of calories from protein, at least 30% from fat and try to keep carbs 40% or less. I did this for 4 years b4 doing keto, and loved how easy it was after u get used to balancing macros. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, Wow, reminds me of the Alaskan diet. My boyfriend years ago was raised in rural Alaska, they hunted for food. No vegetables were around. Just elk, caribou, salmon, rabbit, even snowcat was trapped for food. Used to be creeped by it but then I spent time with them. Its just a way of life and they were healthy. Hard to live in 80 below zero no roads just homestead way out there with nothing but nature tons of snow most of the year. You just live as we have lived for thousands of years I suppose right?. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I started carnivore today and was super hungry tonight.

    I fixed it by scrambling 3 eggs and eating it while sipping hot chicken stock. Try this!

  4. you dont need to eat more fat… just eat the damn protein… you cant build muscle without an insulin response anyway… strict keto is shitty… u need gluconeogenesis to take effect. eat as much protein as you like… putting fat into ur body isnt going to help fat loss… its only going to slow it down…

  5. can you have a glass of dry red wine with your meat?

  6. what about the high acidic property of animal protein only? Can it not give you joint pain and inflammation in your body?

  7. you said carnivore was 0 carbs yet you ate avocado and onion EXPLAIN PLZ

  8. Just a tip for the liver. Try looking up some middle eastern recipes for cooking it with molasses or with lemon and garlic. It tastes great in my opinion and we have it regularly at home.

  9. Soak liver in milk for 1 hour. Flavour and texture Will be very delicate.

  10. that's cool, now show us your tits

  11. So you CAN cook the meat!

  12. I accidentally gained 15 pounds in one month carnivore, LOL. I have been eating 2 meals a day total, grass fed burger/steak, eggs, butter, cheese, etc. I feel really good (way better than I felt vegan), and my skin looks great, but why am I getting fat? Maybe too much butter or cheese I think.

  13. Liver is the most toxic organ in every animal. It is the toxin filter of the body. Cow's breath in toxins all day long like we do. Why would you want to eat a whole plate of toxic meat?

  14. Sadly, my tastebuds absolutely dislike liver.

  15. If you take the skin/membrane off the liver it fries much better! You prep the skin separately of course, don't want to waste it.

  16. Not true. I jumped into the carnivore diet from a SAD diet. It was a super easy transition. I actually found that it was far easier to jump into the carnivore diet than it was to jump into the standard keto diet. With the standard keto diet I had way more cravings, failed multiple times, it just never worked. I even tried the below 20g strict version of keto, same thing, didnt work. The carnivore diet, no cravings, no issues, no fatigue, its easy. For me its a million times easier in every way than the regular keto diet.

  17. I'm keto but never cared about meeting a veg marker. That said, I do eat veg. But why is it that I feel hungry after eating veg even if I had it with satiating meat and fat? Is there an explanation for this? I broke my intermittent fast today because I had meat and cabbage. Here I am drinking a coffee with grass fed butter and cream in it… past my window

  18. Just idiots would do this diet. And step by step you will look like a pig, a cow or a chicken. Be Sure!

  19. This is the only tip you need: eat raw beef, raw chicken, raw pork, and raw tuna. There. I saved you 14 minutes.

  20. Anyone wanna guess the cure for eggzema. Yup it's eggs 😂😂😂

  21. Hey! I don’t know if you’re still in carnivore diet, but try to add lots of paprika in the liver. For me it’s the best seasoning to add it.

  22. I gotta go back to carnivore, I did it for 4 months (because I had a digestion issue that required zero carbs to fix). I lost so much weight but muscle was fine and I just felt like my immune system/inflammation was so much lower and I wasn't constantly bloated. After I fixed the digestion issue I went right back to carbs and it's so freaking hard to get off them again, not because I don't have self control but because you have to plan your meals more, it's hard to just grab a snack with meat and I don't like to cook for 25 minutes when I get home from work, I just want to heat something up and eat. But that said, on days I don't want to cook I can just get grilled chicken and beef patties from Mcdonalds (yes they let you just order meat! it's awesome).

  23. I've been doing carnivore diet for 8 days and I haven't lost a single gram! 😫 is that normal?

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