HOW TO START! Healthy Tips You NEED TO KNOW! Diet, Recipes, Stretching & MORE!

HOW TO START! Healthy Tips You NEED TO KNOW! Diet, Recipes, Stretching & MORE!

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Kuz & Ayar – Hangin’ On


  1. Do zucchini noodles taste like zucchini or slightly different

  2. Would you mind making a video on the caustionaries of starting or making a YouTube channel?

  3. Anyone knows where she's getting her little jar ? 🙂

  4. Have you ever considered making a starting meal plan? I have been doing WW for a while and my body doesn't respond to it anymore. I would love to read a week long here is how to eat clean and healthy guide.

  5. What kinds of vitamins and other supplements do you take?? Curious about this!

  6. do you ever consume nut butters? like almond butter or peanut butter?

  7. Ok then I have to wake up at 5.20… a little bit earlier haha

  8. Please post a recipe!! Looks delicious!

  9. why u got a Canadian 20 money?

  10. what time do you usually wake up??

  11. Who else got a dominos pizza ad?

  12. I'm only a very new subscriber of yours but absolutely loving your content!! This video in particular just spoke to me, so thank you!! X

    p.s Love your work!

  14. sarah i love you can you check my dm @shayyflowers

  15. I’m literally watching this after eating a load of ice cream 🙁

  16. can you make a healthy cookbook next?

  17. You would've literally just gotten pregnant now!!!

  18. did you ever take accutane?

  19. lol watching this and eating a massive cookie xx

  20. Please make a cookbook!!! 🙂

  21. Hey Sezzy! How did you stop eating potato chips and doritos etc.? It's one thing I'm really struggling with is chippy cravings, and haven't found a good substitute!?

  22. It’s so weird I can have the chocolate tropeaka but the vanilla tropeaka upsets my stomach so much !

  23. I just found green pea pasta at our supermarket!

  24. Hi just subscribed! Can you link what you wear in the description box? Your clothes are sooo cute!

  25. i cooked the pasta dish tonight for the fam and i must of done something wrong because mine did not look like that and tatted really odd it was my first time cooking with buckwheat so i'm guessing it was that. i'm gluten and lactose intolerant so i love that you are gluten free/dairy free when cooking

  26. i love this kind of videos…. i dont where and how to start

  27. Please do a dedicated video on sleep! 🙂

  28. Ahhh you just keep me so motivated to be healthier

  29. Grapes are my skittles 🌈

  30. i dont want to be mean by it is actually really bad to flap your knees in butterfly strech because it increases your chance of pulling that muscle

  31. If you still want to do a dedicated video on sleep, I’d love that!

  32. What's the name of a song at the end?

  33. Omg the new house is beautiful. We want a house tour!!

  34. You're so cute. I have terrible insomnia so I would love the sleep tips video. I practice and teach yoga which helps a great deal but what love to hear your thoughts as well.

  35. What's the brown powder you use in the courgette pasta?

  36. I can't understand….You are vegan, but you eat eggs? Or maybe I didn't understand well : )))

  37. is anyone else dyinggg for a sezzy recipe book?

  38. Yummyyy can you put the recipe in the info box?😍😍

  39. someone pleassseeee write out the recipe for that pasta!! im a horrible cook so if i dont have measurements and things ill def ruin it

  40. Love your videos!! what application do you use to create the videos?

  41. Sleep video yay 🙋‍♀️

  42. The ad before this video was advertising blueberry pie… the universe is against my health wishes 😳😂

  43. Do you ever stress over having had gluten or sugar?

  44. What were the facial products you used?

  45. i just found you & i really like you. you just seem really genuine and willing to help others… it's really kind of you. 🙂

  46. I love you channel, you are such a great person and influencer!!i wish you put the measurements for the recipe ..I tried to make at home and it tasted HORRIBLE!!! The almond milk and buckwheat flour are terrible combo for me. Please could you add the measurements of ingredients ??it would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!!

  47. I needed a good recipe that dairy free and cheesy. Thank you, your so realistic and honest I’m definitely going to cook this his week

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