Husband’s Lunch Box Ideas – Healthy Indian Lunch Recipes For Office | Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

Husband’s Lunch Box Ideas – Healthy Indian Lunch Recipes For Office | Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

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in this video, I am sharing my husband’s “healthy” lunch box recipes for the whole week – part 1, I will be adding this to a separate playlist setting so that it is easier for your refer. #husbandslunchboxideas #officelunchbox #weightloss #healthytiffinrecipes #tiffinrecipes

Husband’s lunch box recipe/Tuesday:
Is gluten bad for you:

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  1. Hey Guys! sharing, husband's healthy lunch box ideas. I will be uploading 4 more healthy lunch box recipes in the coming days and will add it to a playlist for your easy reference. I will be here to answer my #SkinnyRecipes family for the next 30 mins. So comment below this video. Thank you all for the love and support ❤️❤️

    Husband's lunch box recipe/Tuesday:

    Is gluten bad for you:

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    Buy the cast iron pan i used:
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  2. Is it safe to add salt to curd as it contains prebiotic bacteria s. Prebiotic bacteria may be killed due to salt.

  3. your husband is lucky
    I have to cook before & after office hrs 😥😖

  4. Hello mam….can i use above mentioned lunch box in the microwave oven…for reheating if i pack roti and subzi or biryani????? Please reply

  5. I like ur all recipes & your voice too😍👌👍

  6. Thanks for the recipe tis would help me for my son's tiffin .one request can u pl update on more recipes for tiffin pl .thanks a million

  7. Can please tell where u get this himalayan salt i really cannot find it near me

  8. Potato doesn't disturb weight loss plan?

  9. Nice and informative videos.thank you… can you pls do a video on the weekly meal prep and meal planning

  10. Brilliant video recording! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to detect this type of contents. We make Travel & Food films too, across the globe, so we are habitually looking to get inspirations and so concepts. Thank You.

  11. Madam,how it possible of washing and sun drying of wheat in rainy season.?we cannot do that process in any season ,we directly grinned

  12. Mam pls suggest some healthy n quickly cook breakfast recipes for a hectic schedule persons… bf is a big problem these days when our working hours are upto 12 13 in a day

  13. Thank for sharing that was so easy…

  14. Hai mam…. wht is the difference between himalayan salt and normal salt ….. which brand (himalayan salt) is good ….

  15. Awesome mam.. I've a question where did you get the air tight containers and what brand bcz I'm not able to find containers like yours

  16. Really good recipe…. this is gonna help me in making my kids lunch box easier, as it's a very difficult job thinking what to make….

  17. Really simple….but good info…
    I didn't puffing roti on gas flame is bad for health….I m doing it since years!!

  18. Home made kasuri methi recepie please…

  19. mam, please share the reason as to why roti should not be puffed up on the gas flame and how is it bad for health?

  20. Good idea …. thanks….!!!

  21. Veg raita was to good n ur roti style u thanks a lot I will try veg raita for mai dite

  22. Thx for breaking the recipes

  23. Ma'am plz also share recipe of your homemade kasuri methi I'll be very thankful to you.

  24. Thanks so much… Please try and post more lunch box recipes!

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