“I Don’t Diet!” Every Single Thing I Ate for 7 Days Straight

“I Don’t Diet!” Every Single Thing I Ate for 7 Days Straight

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After receiving tons of questions about my diet, I decided to do a personal experiment where I document every single food/drink I ate for 7 days straight. I would love to get a discussion going in the comment section below, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions/voice your concerns!
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  1. 2:25 "just a dab"
    Bottom left
    I love you for that Shane

  2. So the main ingredient is dedication…..gotcha!!!

  3. For the moment I got the beer part down

  4. Such an inspiration for me Shane, Thanks dude

  5. You’re very active and don’t eat shit for the most part, also you clearly have decent genetics. You’re also lean and more than likely always have been. So it’s not surprised you don’t have to diet.

  6. I respect your honesty about the beer 🍺🍻 ayyyyy

  7. Technically You don't really need to diet when the majority of what you ate was healthy and filled with vitamins and minerals.

  8. Damn shane like 5-7 beers a week. Didnt know you were such an alcoholic😂

  9. guys can u mix lifting and shadow boxing together so what i mean is after u rest a bit for another set to weight lift can I just do some warm up on heavy bag and then loft more weights

  10. do you have take some protein shake after lifting to work on the heavy bagg

  11. I finally get it!!! Drink beer and look like Shane 🙂

  12. Hey Shane, how many grams of protein do you usually have each day?

  13. i do cardio stamina workouts too…ps use bike and be on all 4s / "stand"do not sit down unless exhausted

  14. I want to sleep as much as you

  15. Really is not smart to call everyone with a drinking problem an idiot. You clearly have no fucking clue about addiction. Many addicts out there are smarter than you and better fighters too.

  16. Dude you honestly helped me out. You do it completely different from any other body builder/ Fighter. You are too the point and don't focus on ego too much. It's professional and I appreciate it man. Keep it up

  17. Moral of the story – Do a fuck load of exercise.

  18. Just about 1 hour workout? -.- I am owerdoing it with avarage 2h at weekends even 4 xD

  19. those beers make you strong xD

  20. it's interesting to see that you quite easily OHP what appears to be your BW in order to back squat it. The usual ratio of a heavy back squat for an athlete is about 2xbw while OHP is about 1xbw . So it seems that either your press is abnormally strong ratio wise or that you train pressing a lot harder than squats.

  21. the only reason u in shape is.because of martial arts, once u stop.and eat the same thing u will gain weight and it's time to change ur diet,—
    when I was doing martial arts I.could eat anything

    look at all pro fighters and athethes, as soon they stop playing their sports, they gain weight instantly until the body adapt the new diet, some don't adapt so become overweight for life

  22. What meal prep service do you use

  23. Watching this is making me hungry

  24. you not working out the legs

  25. so when do we use steroids?

  26. I would be deadlifting and my cat would be right under me and I'm just like " move please this is kinda heavy"

  27. Do you add sugar in your black tea?

  28. Basically, good food, good rest and good training….Thanks for reminding us that there is no silver bullet for getting great results 👍🏾

  29. Man u r a beer lover just like me 😆

  30. So all his body fat seems to go to his obliques instead of his belly. That's kind of cool.

  31. Shane doesn’t need to have a strict diet because he has good Genetics.

  32. What… no beer for breakfast? 😧

  33. how often do you cook and how do you store food and for how long. Ive tried cooking for a few days in advance but food from the fridge tastes awful.

  34. You're inspiring man, have to give it to you

  35. That is a freakin diet you dufus.

  36. i cant even get through a minute of the video without getting hungry

  37. By the age of 30 I became gluten intolerant and this makes my daily diet MUCH more complicated then before :/
    (no oats for and grains for me, otherwise I get a huge gas pregnant belly over my abs.. :/ )
    Gotta find new sources for carbs.

    Anyway, great video, keep up the great work!

  38. How much do you weigh? 150-160??

  39. Shane your dog loves to get in the way brother hahahah.

  40. Hey Guy! Why not more Protein?

  41. So I see you didn't include sex? That doesn't count as a work out :(?

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