Kareena Kapoor’s Diet Secrets – Rujuta Diwekar – Indian Food Wisdom

Kareena Kapoor’s Diet Secrets – Rujuta Diwekar – Indian Food Wisdom

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Bollywood Diva Kareena Kapoor accepted that she used to eat fat free cheese and believed the myths about the weight loss industry. But the day she met Rujuta she started eating everything her mother fed her during her childhood days. She says Rujuta taught her and Saif to feel good and hence they dont even feel like eating something that will harm their body.

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  1. I think I found what I was looking for…… finally an Indian diet….pure

  2. She thinks she’s Kareena kapoor

  3. Yeh Hrithik ke jaisa baat nhi kr Rahi hai??

  4. A secret powder .. she forgot to mention ..
    Wink wink.. if u know what I mean..

  5. Tu Hindi nhi Bol sakdi hai vadi angrej

  6. Loveeeeee uuuu kareeennaaaaaaaaa…I love u however u are

  7. And any form of exercise regime…..it could just be simply walking ..both indoors & outdoors( for aerobic & anaerobic )…..

  8. Totally agree with them……one can't live without carbs, for too long…….maybe if one is overweight ……we can cut down on it for a while ….& once you achieve your weight goal …..stick to a balanced diet…….watching your weight everyday….& still eating a wholesome balanced meal……

  9. She is following keto diet…

  10. Hello rujuta madam please tell about getting organic products and you stand on being vegan.

  11. Loved it thanks kareena😍😍

  12. She making ppl food … Eating too much may be a retention. Plan but not a loosing plan …. Who so every looking to wait … Try this cut night chepatio .. in afternoon HV oats rating but bit atta involve
    If you can afford to spend little but harbal life shake replace the same with breakfast and dinner ….. Keep lunch with 2 roti … M little fiber innbettwe you will lose all extra … Write in 3 to 6 month

  13. 👌👌👌👏👏👏 ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Kya bakwas kar rahi bai

  15. She seems drunk a little bit.

  16. Plz suggest an effective diet plan to lose weight

  17. i love u bebo so much alot u r my only most fav actress in whole bollywood u r queen of bollywood jan ho tum kareena bollywood ki i love u alot stay happy and blessed all the time lots of love and kisses uuuuuuummmmmmmaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. Koi Hindi May btayega!!! Kya bola inhone

  19. Look at her face she looks very old from face but body shape is excellent.

  20. Eat healthy you have deep circles

  21. Yr sohni kini h kareena akhan tan chir diyan jandiyan koka ne koka

  22. Can we apply for dietitian at d age of 15 yrsss

  23. basic rule for any human is to have an active life style… our food from generations has been that way thinking we have an active life style.. but no one anticipated that we are going to get into this comfortable lifestyle or fast paced lifestyle because of our jobs etc., so what we have to do is try to be more physically active. you cannot completely change what you eat(why oats, why not Ragi? why doctors are trying to force such food into our lives, Think!!), because I had tried everything over the years and I feel better only when I have Indian food like chapati sabzi, idly, dosa, upma.. I used to feel terrible and craving all the time when I'm eating oats n milk or eggs or fruits .. so since our lifestyle has changed now, we should alter our food habits too. eat in moderation and exercise. dont eat Parathas n pooris everyday, sweets,savories(murukku, moong dal, kachori kind of stuff) No excuse for exercise because we are not doing things which we did 20 years ago things as simple as walking to a bus stop or walking to a store… we call uber or Ola, we have super markets for every 20 mtrs… bottom line eat what is native to your region and eat in moderation and be physically active.. no mobile after 10 P.M, sleep well, I know for people in IT this is close to impossible, but let's try.

  24. she played alot with her appearance , i mean look her teeth, her eye circle her clearness on skin, alot chages from 15-18in better way ,,,, good (y)

  25. She is right…Flow desi food which will suit the body…Western food is as per the their climate and body resistance

  26. Hello rujuta mem please given simple diet tips for weight loss for housewife

  27. stupid video I m not sure

  28. Awesome.. Thank you so much kareeena n rutuja for sharing this its gonna help me a lot..

  29. I also eat what I want, to lose weight. It's all about timing. I feel so satisfied when I do it that way, because I eat whatever I want and still lose weight.

  30. English sounds like duck. Muted with subtitles. Just stick to normal language and have subtitles so we still get the ambient music…………………………

  31. I don't believe what Kareena had just said.
    Also eating after every 2 hours is rubbish.
    I had followed it for 1 year and all i gained was 7 kilos. Mind it, i don't eat rice, desserts and dairy food except paneer and cheese in moderation. I had skipped many birthdays of friends just to avoid cake. I even reduced one chapati from diet, drank black bitter coffee instead of milk and sugar, ate "all ghar ka khana".
    All i got is depression and lots of weight which i am unable to lose.

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