Kidney Stone Diet Tips – Foods To Avoid, Foods To Eat

Kidney Stone Diet Tips – Foods To Avoid, Foods To Eat

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Click on to learn more about kidney stone foods to avoid and kidney stone foods to eat.

I created this video to help people who may be experiencing kidney stone problems for the first time and want to know more about the role diet plays in kidney stone formation. This video is meant for the general public, and is written in simple, non-medical language. It’s not intended for members of the medical profession.

I’ve suffered occasional kidney stone (renal colic) attacks since I was in 7th grade, and have endured more than a dozen of them. I’ve been hospitalized due to kidney stones twice, and had them surgically removed both times.

But about 15 years ago, I realized that a lot of the trouble was caused by what I was eating – and not eating. I did some research and changed my diet. I haven’t had a kidney stone now for more than 10 years.


  1. I had been discovered having a large kidney stone about 1 1/2 years ago. My doctor mentioned he could blow it apart for $8,000 dollars. That was about $8,000 more that I had and I don`t have any health insurance. But when I started using the kidney guide “fetching wiza space” (Google it), I was able to control my issue..

  2. Way too much contradictory information regarding what foods are high in oxalates. There's apparently no telling what the truth is.

  3. So basically, avoid all superfoods… -_-

  4. Thanks you for sharing

  5. Psrlsley tead is good .he oromotes thenkidney dietvsecrers.

  6. All the food he mentioned not to eat you’re supposed to eat it to help the kidneys?????? He’s full of it

  7. Thank you , Pancha Piedra for kidney stones, have you heard of METHYLATION, MTHFR and also Pyrolle Disorder?

  8. The list of foods to avoid are impossible and unhealthy to avoid.

  9. I just had kidney stone surgery 2.5 cm stone it was hell

  10. Parsley is low in oxalate

  11. If you are interested in treating kidney stones naturally the best results that i've had was with the Wilfs Remedy Answer (i found it on google) – definately the most useful idea that I've followed.

  12. Take Chanca Piedra to break up kidney stones, and to reduce the formation of new stones. It has been researched, and has been found to be effective. I've taken Chanca Piedra for many years without any side effects to report.
    It seems to be effective, as I've not had another incident with stones since I started taking the herb. I have also adjusted my diet accordingly.

  13. Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Orange juice is good but have to watch vitamin c? Not supposedto have gluten or dairy plus half fruits and veggies. Plus all snacks. KMS

  15. Sounds to me like everything give you kidney stones…..

  16. So eat a bread stick and drink water and you'll be fine. pfft I cant give up some of the fruits and veggies he is mentioning. Healthy eats and Im supposed to give them up? I think not.

  17. Can you just say the damn foods and drinks we should I don't care about the vitamins I just wanna know what to eat cos

  18. i feel im gonna die eat this dont eat that ha ha.

  19. This is sales pitch

  20. i drink can of Pepsi every day should i stop?

  21. my goodness, this is absolute pure nonsense!! do not listen to this for any reason. if you do u will have to not eat anything. lol. what a bunch of crap. how bout parathyroid disease.

  22. don't carrots have vitamin A

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