Low Carb Keto Meal Prep – Ketogenic Diet Recipes That Rock

Low Carb Keto Meal Prep – Ketogenic Diet Recipes That Rock

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RECIPE & STORAGE INFO: https://goo.gl/hccV8c

All My Meal Prep Recipes: https://www.flavcity.com/meal-prep-recipes

807 calories per meal
9 net grams of carbs per meal
51.5 grams of fat per meal
63 grams of protein per meal
6 grams of fiber per meal

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  1. Hey guys, here are the macros. What kind of video do you wanna see next?
    807 calories per meal
    9 net grams of carbs per meal
    51.5 grams of fat per meal
    63 grams of protein per meal
    6 grams of fiber per meal

  2. Do you have a thrive market code we can use for a discount? I thought you did but I couldn't find it.

  3. You should have your own show on Food Network. Love your demeanor and the way you teach cooking.

  4. What kind of bacon does he use?

  5. Thank you for the delicious, favorfulness of it all!!!!! My sister got me hooked on you guys here at Flav City. Spinach was easy and delicious 👌. I broke up with chicken for a awhile so that's why I didn't try that recipe yet.

  6. I made the spinach and it is still sweet, if you're reading this, use real cream instead. Its SUPPOSED to be keto, but he doesn't really do keto meals.

  7. Discount or $60 isn’t working….

  8. I have a quick question I do not like coconut flavored anything. I love the coconut smell but I can not eat anything that has coconut in it. Is there another option? Other than using milk. Maybe almond milk? No clue. I'm not one that knows how to put ingredients together to make it taste good. That's why I watch you! 🙂

  9. I am a little confused. I thought the ratio of fat to protein needed to be higher. Cause to much protein at 1 sitting can knock you out of ketosis.

  10. can I use yoghurt instead of coconut milk and cream.

  11. Where can i get that shirt!? Pho shizzle! Awesome

  12. I just made this with cream cheese and heavy cream – deeeelish!!!!

  13. Could I do the same thing with kale?

  14. What I noticed is that all your recipes are higher in protein than fat.

  15. But isn't fat supposed to be higher for it to actually be a keto diet ?

  16. This guys cooking is legit. Although he loves using lots of onion which isn’t necessarily keto friendly.

  17. Ughhh Bobby eating and I’m over here drooling I love spinach creamy artichoke dips and this is a must try for the healthy version so I too can eat it whilst I 🤤.

  18. I LOVE your meal prep but how do I accurately measure macros with this? I'm so frustrated with measuring macros accurately!

  19. Hi could you do a keto breakfast idea without eggs?? I’m curious about keto but I hate eggs and I don’t know what I could eat for breakfast

  20. Feel like I've been bugging you way to much, but would you be able to come up with an awesome keto chicken pad Thai recipie made with the fettucini shirataki noodles?? Lime zest and all! LoL. I know awesome, maximum flavor would be involved coming from you! Ignore me if it's something that doesn't seem interesting. You prob get lots of requests!

  21. Wish we could get that in Australia

  22. I just found your channel and love it! Keep up with the recipes. I enjoy seeing dry rub/spice combinations that you do, it shows flavor doesn't need to come from a store bought bottle. 🙂

  23. I’m really glad I found your channel, I been looking for healthy meals to make.

  24. I have started binge watching your channel, I love the food you make. I just started eating keto, and I'm excited to try your recipes. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Bobby, love your tshirts…

  26. Has anyone made the spinach ? It looks delicious but concerned about the coconut milk taste

  27. Hi Bobby,
    I wanna thank you so much!! Because of the keto diet, i already lost pounds, but because of you recipe its fun to cook Ketogenic!!

    You're a legend
    Thanks from Amsterdam

  28. Hello goodnight. Love the recipe but Is there anything I can substitute the Bacon with?? I don't eat Pork. Thanks.

  29. Why make it dairy free and low fat? This is supposed to be KETO?
    Use that fat!

  30. Love your channel! Made the coconut creamed spinach which is actually the 1st time I've ate creamed spinach, I enjoyed it but the coconut cream made it sweet… Is that how it was supposed to taste?

  31. if you can't have coconuts what can you add to make it creamy

  32. Is this freezable? So I can make it ahead and reheat when I want to eat it?

  33. Please keep making these keto recipes. I've been following the diet for about 8 months to treat my PCOS, and it's done wonders for me. I love new, interesting recipes to keep things from getting boring and to keep me motivated. Totally going to make this creamed spinach next week for my work dinners. Can't wait!

  34. I just made this and even my picky little sister loves it. Now I have to cook a bigger batch. Thanks Bobby!

  35. I'm so glad I found your channel. Im on a green smoothie cleanse right now but as soon as these 10 days are up its on! Thank you for all the yummies!!

  36. Why do you mince the garlic and don't use the grater, is there a difference for the type of cooking or just preference?

  37. Hi Bobby, I'm planning on making that cream spinach it looks so good but what's a good alternative to mushrooms if your the type of person that doesn't like mushrooms?

  38. I love the coconut creamed spinach! Great idea.

  39. I just tried this today. Didn't know I'd hate the coconut flavor so much. I had to throw it out. 🙁 I can still taste it in the back of my throat an hour later. But the chicken was delicious! I think next time I'll just swap out for another keto friendly salad recipe.

  40. "Dairy Free" but with lots of butter and some cheese…

  41. What is your cooking background?

  42. Do I track the cream spinach as well? If so, how do I do that as in how many grams is recommend?

  43. New to channel. Everything looks great and I can't wait to try spinach! Not sure if you swapped plate raw chicken was on but hope it was different from one you put cooked chicken on. (Just checking)!

  44. I like keto recipes I would appreciate more of these recipes. Thanks I enjoyed this video.

  45. What happened to your throat?

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