Low Carb Salmon Burger Meal Prep – Low Cal Recipes

Low Carb Salmon Burger Meal Prep – Low Cal Recipes

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I’ve got some low cal recipes that are perfect for recipes for losing weight. My salmon burgers are good for high protein meal prep and the kale chips are low cal recipes and low carb, and great for low calorie meal prepping. My edamame salad is good for meal prep low carb and meal plan low carb. Meal prep high protein with my salmon burgers and the entire meal prep is low calorie meal planning and low calorie meal prep for weight loss. These recipes for losing weight are so tasty and all are recipes low calorie and low calorie meals.

RECIPE: https://goo.gl/rJstpU
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581 calories per meal
29 grams of fat per meal
47.2 grams of protein per meal
27.4 grams of carbs per meal
6.3 grams of fiber per meal


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  1. My favourite cooking channel 😍😍😍 Everything looks so delicious! 😋😋😋

  2. I am so loving your channel. I watch every day getting new recipes. I'm going to try the keto plan. When doing this recipe, can I use can or frozen salmon? If so, what size can do I need? Thanks

  3. I am a bit confused. You put everything in a glass container but you then advice to store the chips seperately. So When making this should I not put the chips in the container? I am New to meal prepping and Love your recepices

  4. He's called a fish monger not a fish person

  5. great video, with great ideas Bobby. Great that you have included macros and storage info. You could easily replace any of those shows on Food Network. But I guess your food is healthy.

  6. Do you have a meal prep for low carb and low protein. I need to lose some weight but i cant have too much protein because my kidneys aren't doing so well.

  7. Oh my God, I just watched the teaser and this may be my dream meal prep.😮

  8. Good one ! Where the first mixture you started to do with salmon !!??

  9. I do not want to eat a salad I will eat avocado toast tho.

  10. Bobby this is why I am such a huge fan….you deliver and you are never too busy to listen to your peps. Did I mention that you rock!!! I seriously need some kind of a meal plan though for a week keeping the high protein, low carb and of course keeping the calories in mind.

  11. Looking for more recipes that are high protein low carbs for lunch and supper to travel

  12. I am new here and you gave me so many ideas for meals coz I am type one diabetic and I lived on poor diet for so long coz I was scared of uncontrolled diabetes but I like what you present here , thank you

  13. Love your videos! Also your shirt 😉

  14. I am a new subscriber and just jumping back on the healthy life train after losing over 100 lbs (I have 50 more. I was a chunk. Still chunky, just much less so. 😉 ) You are my favorite meal prepper channel. I haven't tried your recipes yet but I can't wait. Can you send me the links for some lunch preps? soup, salad, sandwich, it gets so old.

  15. just 2 pulses, does 6 pulses xD

  16. Hey sir. I am from India and for a start up i have been checking for recipes since 5-6 months. This is the best channel i came across. keep it up.!. If possible please share some vegan recipes. And is it possible to use spinach instead of kale? cause kale is not not available here in a larger scale.

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