Master Cleanse Lemonade Detox Diet TIPS + HOW TO! • @glamazini

Master Cleanse Lemonade Detox Diet TIPS + HOW TO! • @glamazini

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Hi! I do The Master Cleanse detox liquid fast every January. This video explains how to do the fast and gives tips I’ve learned over the past two decades. This blog post contains detailed information about the fast, recipes, the tips, links to where to purchase ingredients, basically everything you need to know. ‣‣

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  1. O my God I just started watching it, I was looking everywhere for Grade B ND YOU JUST CLEARED IT UP FOR ME MUAH MUAH MUAH, THANKS SO MUCH,

  2. I always do the cleanse alone and I just have amazing self control I guess, Cramping is also a detox symptom isn’t it I guess I could be wrong 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. How much salt and water per. Day?

  4. Hello dear, can I use a green juice +clorela+Açaí instead of orange juice while going out of the Mc? Thanks in advance

  5. Thank you! My first attempt lasted 7 days… But I'm excited to do it again with my daughter for 10 days I longer! I'm so excited!!!! Woooo!

  6. It is working for me, i lost 2 pounds and my daughter lost 4 pounds in 1st day….we are feeling amazingly happy to see our weight is dropping and we are no longer craving for food! Thank you!

  7. What kind of salt do you put in the water

  8. Correction: You must use fresh lemons fresh is not just for the taste. Fresh contains the enzymes needed.

  9. Thank you so much for all of this!!!! New Subee!! So happy to have found your channel!

  10. People always trying to do it different. Freshly squeezed your lemons it only lasts for 10 minutes and don't premix a bunch of bottles you're not getting any of the benefits that the fresh lemons will give you. But overall thanks for the video it's encouraging but Imma do it the way Stanley Burroughs says in his book that's the only way to do it by listening to the Creator

  11. I always thought that concentrated juice was a big NO NO?

  12. Okay thanks, but everyone does not have a partner..

  13. Been thinking about doing this again but i don't know if i can muster the will power… my wife and I did this a few years and it didn't end up going too well… which was probably because we only did it for weight loss we didn't really believe in the cleansing part. She documented everything in a blog the good, the bad and the ugly! Good luck with your journey.

  14. One thing I want to say validates what she says. Last year when I did the cleanse I could not find any grade B maple syrup so I went with grade A. I was hungry all the time and after 7 days, I couldn't take it anymore so I stopped the cleanse. This year I researched and discovered that grade B quality still exists but it is now classified as grade A. What you now want is dark, robust grade A, which is exactly the same as what used to be called grade B. The result is I am now on my 7th day, have very little hunger and will have no trouble completing at least 10 days.

  15. With waht can i replace the grate B we don’t have it in afreca

  16. I made it to day 9 or the MC, day 10 of no food. I felt horrible so I broke the cleanse. I didn't ease back to eating slow enough, so now I'm constipated. What do you recommend?

  17. can we use chili pepper instead of the other because i can't seem to find it

  18. White tea is not herbal tea or decaf.

  19. Do you notice any changes to your hair because your're not taking in any protein.

  20. Could you eat a fruit if needed during the fast?

  21. Does this help clean parasites from your body?

  22. Yes the grade B was a hassle for me. I ended up going to so many stores. I finally found an article with the levels. I got the darkest A syrup in Publix. Thanks for confirmation. I was really worried about the change of grades.

  23. I'm diabetic so can I just use stevia instead of the maple syrup? & If not which brand is best?

  24. Thank you for that very valuable information. Especially from an experienced cleaner. 😘

  25. You can now use grade A maple syrup. It’s been corrected on the site

  26. Can you add apple vinegar during the master cleanse?

  27. If I drink the senna tea and want to do the salt water flush in the evening, when should I drink the tea?

  28. What is the difference between a master cleanse and a water fast?

  29. How many times a day should I drink the tea? I notice no one talks about that!

  30. do you have Sri Lankan in your family? As all the people I know with your name are Sri Lankan.

  31. People say it slows down your metabolism is that true?

  32. FRESH LEMONS…..less enzyme and mineral depleation.


  33. can you please give a shorter version PLEASE

  34. What kind of lemon juice did you use

  35. once I'm done breastfeeding and weaned my baby I want to try this cleanse

  36. I have a question. This will be my second time doing the master cleanse and the first time I used the laxative capsule and I use cayenne pepper capsule. I swallow 1/10 of the capsule when I drank my lemonade. Is that ok?

  37. i think it should Laxative tea. i did it for 24 days. so far so good

  38. Did it for the first time last year after seeing your video and I had a massive sugar high, sugar crash hunger. I was so cranky I had to add cinnamon and I was good to go. I did have some veggies two or three times and I only made a week. I felt great but had nothing left to give if you know what I mean. Possibly because I don't have a gallbladder anymore. I will do it again this year though.

  39. This is something that I definitely need to do. Great video!

  40. As soon as I get the chance, I am doing this. My body definitely needs a good cleansing.

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