Meal Prep 3,000 Calories In 14 MINUTES!

Meal Prep 3,000 Calories In 14 MINUTES!

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  1. Sauce on the eggs was Winiary Przyprawa!

    4 Eggs – 312kcal P:24g F:20g CHO:2.4g

    200g Turkey, 250g Spelt, 80g Greens – 710kcal P:57g F:4g CHO:109g

    200g Turkey, 120g Rice, 80g Greens, 100g Beetroot – 710kcal P:62g F:12.6g CHO:86g

    100g Oatmeal, 100 Frozen Berries, 1tbsp Honey, 350ml Almond Milk – 586kcal P:19.6g F:11g CHO:93.6g

    1 x Banana, 1 x Apple, 1 x Nakd Bar – 277kcal P:3.1g F:2.9g CHO:64.6g

    50g Mixed Nuts – 288kcal P:10.5g F:25g CHO:11g

    1 Scoop EHPLabs Isopept – 120kcal P:25g F:1.5g CHO:2g

    TOTAL – 3,022kcal P:202g F:77g CHO:378g

  2. Thank you for making things way easier. Keep it up! 🙂

  3. i liked this just cause you're unreal

  4. read with british accent: what the hell is dis shit mate

  5. "How to cover your kitchen floor with trash"

  6. WOW!! You totally made me see the light. I can do 15min, holy crap.

  7. damn never thought of making oatmeal with winiary przyprawa xD

  8. excellent video. Only wish I have discovered this channel earlier. So good.

  9. Hey can somebody help me? The problem is I can't fit all this food inside my body! I'm 180cm and 70 kilos at the moment. Want to reach around 78-80 kilos.
    Does somebody know what to do? I'm doing sports and I see changes but I don't seem to get bigger… Because I just can't eat so much!

  10. Weak, you can get 100 nuggets worth of 4000 calories just for 10 dollars

  11. Damn!!! the Chav just spitted into the oat LMAO

  12. Damn this looks like it costs a lotta money to have food for 1 day. Poor nibba vibes 🙁 can someone calculate how much this would cost? (Not including all the spices ofc)

  13. Gordon: That oameal's garbage!! Did you spit in it or something??
    Mike: Actually..

  14. what is that rice replacement called? can't quite pick up the name

  15. just want to say thank you for your videos, always infotmative and fun to watch them btw love your spotify playlists

  16. I mean it is faster if you have everything layed out in front of you, but still very good tips and very good vid in general

  17. Stupid retard on steroids has no content and show us normal food like rice, chicken and oats.
    Great YouTube Business.

    Tell us more.

  18. want to know how (if he did) vote in brexit

  19. Love it when you throws things hahahaha

  20. This was actually very fucken useful.

  21. Im praying he washed the turkey

  22. Hmm i def have to try this out! Thank you! Where did u buy the Spelt from? Or what brand? i culdnt see in ur video was shown to fast

  23. Not enough animal fat. Barely any. Probably nukes his food for later meals.

  24. i weight 160lbs skinny af 6'4 so should i be eating more than 3k calories, i have been eating roughly 1 cup of rice, and 2-3 handfulls frozen veg and 2 chicken breast twice a day do u think its good enough

  25. I also need to try this, throwing empty boxes and packaging behind me thing. I didnt know it could be that easy. Thanks for the tipp Mike!

  26. I’m thinking chef from the muppets 😂 hilarious when you spat the honey out you made my night 😂😂

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