Meal prep for the week – UK foods with Chicken – Recipes by Warren Nash

Meal prep for the week – UK foods with Chicken – Recipes by Warren Nash

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Men and women everywhere, make your life easier with this meal prep for a week guide. Following the recipe in this video will make you 4 servings of chicken based meals with Indian flavours.

This is great for weight loss and if you’re looking at cutting down on your calories. All you’ll need are a load of tubs which you can save from your local takeaway!

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Ingredients (Serves 4 | Prep time: 15m | Cooking time: 35m | 434 calories & 7g fat p/serving):

– 2 Chicken breasts
– 1 Pepper
– 1 Sweet potato
– 100g Basmati rice
– 80g Peas
– 40g Chorizo
– 140g Penne pasta
– 40g Black olives
– 1 Tin chopped tomatoes – Cooking with Napolina
– 1 tsp Curry powder
– Juice from ½ lemon


  1. Such a great video – thankyou <3

  2. I like this I’m trying to stick to 500 calories a meal, so this is great. Do you have any more similar meals ?

  3. Thank you for giving us the ideas! sometimes I just can't think of any meals….

  4. Ive worked in numerous restaurants and I'm sure cooked chicken only lasts for 3 days

  5. i thought you couldn't re-heat rice ?

  6. Some people have very bland tastes. You lucky buggers

  7. Will everythin be fresh by day 7? I thought cooked chicken only ok in fridge for 3 days?

  8. What is a good substitution for the black olives please? 🙂

  9. Brilliant, just what I was l was looking for thank you.

  10. Good video and nice simple recipes, I think it would have been a good idea to include some extra info on the food storage – For example, as far as I know you shouldn't put the hot food straight into the fridge and should cool it first? Also maybe a good idea to list roughly what the calories are in each portion for those interested (of course this will vary based on specific ingredients used). Loved the video and recipe just some feedback / ideas 🙂

  11. Beautiful recipe, you will try my Italian recipes. See also my recipe channel thanks.

  12. Please make more meal prep videos as this was simple, easy and looks delicious. We need more of these ideas from the UK 👍

  13. can i eat 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner

  14. wow that looks more delicious and probably cheaper to make it @ home than any take away. Such a good and time saving idea after a long day working. No more hanging around the kitchen and thinking what to eat because you already gave it to us. You have no idea how much you are helping us.
    Thank you so much.

  15. Wow! I've been looking for a good meal i can take to work for a week!! Thanks for this. Very timely indeed! 🙂

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