Meal Prep For Weight Loss – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks – 1600-1700 Calories

Meal Prep For Weight Loss – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks – 1600-1700 Calories

Meal plan for losing weight and burning fat! This is a delicious and easy meal plan to help you reach your weight loss goals. All groceries and meals below.

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– Turkey Breasts Cutlets ($8.68)
– Top Round Steak ($9.11)
– Green, Orange, and Yellow Bell Pepper ($3.19)
– Banana Peppers ($1.99)
– BBQ Sauce ($2.49)
– Walden Farms Syrup ($4.79)
– Zesty Italian Dressing ($2.49)
– Black Beans ($0.89)
– Kidney Beans ($0.69)
– Cannellini Beans ($0.89)
– 2 Oikos Greek Yogurt ($2.00)
– Frozen Sweet Corn ($0.88)
– Sharp Cheddar Cheese ($2.49)
– Romaine Lettuce ($1.99)
– Bananas ($0.86)
– Blueberries ($2.99)
– Cherry Tomatoes ($2.49)
– Avocado ($0.99)
– Cilantro ($0.69)
– Red Onion ($0.71)
– White Onion ($0.87)
– 2 Cucumbers (1.18)
– 3 Sweet Potatoes ($2.77)
– 12 Large Eggs ($1.49)

Total Cost:$57.61

Breakfast (Recipe made 6 servings, macros below are for 1 serving)
– Banana Nut Bread
Protein (g):6
Carbs (g):31
Fat (g):13.5
Total Calories:269.5

3 Meals (Lunch 1)
– 3 Bean Salad
– 4-4.5 oz. Turkey Breast Cutlets
Protein (g):44
Carbs (g):44
Fat (g):10.5
Total Calories:446.5

3 Meals (Lunch 2)
– 3 Bean Salad
– 1-1.5 oz. Avocado
Protein (g):17
Carbs (g):47
Fat (g):15
Total Calories:391

3 Meals (Dinner)
– 4-4.5 oz. Top Round Steak
– 4-5 oz. Sweet Potato
– Side Salad
– Romaine Lettuce
– Red Onion
– Banana peppers
– 2 tbsp. Balsamic Vineagrette Dressing
Protein (g):33
Carbs (g):33
Fat (g):15
Total Calories:399

Snack A
– Hard-boiled Egg
– 1 Cup Cucumbers
– 1/2 Cup Blueberries
Protein (g):7
Carbs (g):20
Fat (g):5
Total Calories:153


Snack B
– Oikos Greek Yogurt
– 1/2 Cup Blueberries
– 1 Cup Cucumber
Protein (g):16
Carbs (g):33
Fat (g):0
Total Calories:196

*Macros for recipes are factored by adding up all ingredients and dividing by number of meals*
*Extra Virgin Olive Oil is factored into the calories*
*All meals are stored in the fridge and reheated in the microwave, sometimes on the stove*

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