Meal Prep Ideas | How to Meal Prep (Including Healthy Recipes!)

Meal Prep Ideas | How to Meal Prep (Including Healthy Recipes!)

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Hey everyone! I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how I meal prep for weight loss. Here’s a few meal prep ideas, my kabob recipe, and my take on a few different meal prep containers. I hope you all find these meal prep ideas useful! If you use my meal prep ideas/ recipes, tag me on social media to let me know! To see what all of my personal meal prep looks like, check out this Full Day of Eating Video! :

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  1. I seen your channel mate, absolutely love the content. Liked straight away, We should connect!

  2. Hey just saw your video, it’s great, but the full day meal video link isn’t working, I keep getting a google authorization screen saying I do not have access. Help please.

  3. Hey when you chop the onion put the onion in water .it helps

  4. Hey man what camera do you use? !!

  5. Making this meal right now 😍

  6. Do you keep all the rest of the kebabs for the week in the fridge? Does it survive 6-7 days and is okay to eat? Great video!

  7. chew mint gum when you deal with onion 😉

  8. Hey Ethan, great recipe! Was wondering how long it should take to cook these if I do the oven cooking? Thanks!

  9. i love your videos so much. I'm definitely going to try that marinating recipe

  10. You should do some Filipino recipes hahaha

  11. Thanks for your videos Bro, they are unique and awesome for college students of all streams. I am an Accounting and Finance Major (CPA/Chartered Accountancy), but the carryover is very similar.

    About the Onions, wear sunglasses.. huge difference

  12. Try chewing gum while chopping onions! It actually prevents you from crying.

  13. One way to avoid crying is to keep some water in your mouth. I don't know why, but it helps.

  14. that little plop noise when the meat fell off had me dead lol… the small details

  15. tip put damp cloth under cutting board and it won't slide

  16. How do you track the fat for the meat if there is no nutrition info on the packaging? Same with chicken. Thanks!

  17. You should do a before and after transformation video, will inspire lots dude

  18. I really like this idea!! I hope it's on my meal plan 🙂

  19. $13.72 for that much chicken breast? That's so much cheaper than Canada holy smokes

  20. How do you go about transporting the prepped meals? Do you worry about keeping them cold, or do you only eat at your place? Keep up the great work

  21. this helps a lot! thanks for the content! keep up the good work EJ!

  22. Thank You So Much for these videos!!! I am an ectomorph interested in getting into shape and I am also studying to be a doctor in either family practice or emergency medicine. Quick question for you, I am following your Macro split and your work outs. At 6"1' 150lbs, I feel that I need to be gaining weight while working out. I've searched through your videos and I'm wondering if I should at my TDEE (which you showed me how to calculate) or above and if so by how much? Thank you again for all that you do.

  23. Hey Ethan, how long have you been working out for? Also thanks for the videos!

  24. just got back from the US and i'm about to binge watch all the videos i've missed haha

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