Muscle Building Diet Tips

Muscle Building Diet Tips

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hope the diet tips are a little helpful! Love you guys!

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  1. Thanks for u advice ! u have a really good body👍💪 , keep working man!

  2. Thanks for this awesome video pls make more

  3. Sow cute! And that body 😲

  4. HMMMMMMM you're not good at advertising that T Shirt above because you don't ever need a T shirt 🙂

  5. Ok sooooo yea, honestly I just came b/c I wanted to see you flex ( your muscles are awesome btw) but I've recently started working out, trying toes weight, build a better physique and just live healthier. I REALLY appreciate how you simplified it. It's really hard if your just starting out, every week there some new this or that that you're not supposed to eat or eat ( btw Kale is disgusting) and get so frustrated that easily fall off. Idk you just really made feel better about making gradual choices, especially for diet. I feel less guilty about eating or not eating and it was super duper accessible AND REALISTIC. So yea, thanks Andrew. 😍😍😍I'm officially a fan

  6. I appreciate this video so much!!! Thank you☺️☺️❤️

  7. Hey, someone, anyone, asking fir advice here.
    I really want to go to the gym couse im 95kg but there are so many faces that i don't want to see, I'm scared i would get judged that I don't know how to use the equipment there. Also there are the big guys who look at you like its their place and you shoukd get out. Also I'm gay and in a very homophobic city so I'm also scared to go and i dont know they found out somehow and i get hate there. Also my feet have more strength but im very weak in my arm, what should i do? Is there anything to start with that you can recommend me ? Also im as i said fat so is it better to lose the weight or to gain some muscle.

  8. Andrew, I love your Instagram photos! For muscle building, my go-to guys are Jon Venus and Simnett Nutrition.

  9. This video nice 🙂 Taylor Swift 🖤💜😉👌🏼

  10. Lol are all gay vlogs sponsored by Dollar Shave Club( please don’t sue me)?

  11. That ready for it remix in the back tho

  12. One of my favorite things that you say all the time is do something on days that I only run a mile or two I always try to tell myself you did something 😊 your awesome Andrew Love your videos!

  13. My sexuality is your biceps…

  14. he has gone so arrogant lately

  15. Sorry but lorde in the background music is distracting me

  16. i wonder if simple anabolic cooking improve muscle growth? was browsing the net and I found Dave Reuls program and have been tempted to get it to try it out. does anybody know anybody with success with it?

  17. Andrew thank you so much for posting videos like this. I still consider myself a baby gay even though I have been honest and open for 3 years now. But I also love that you post things that truly help people become better people. It really means a lot. Just wanted to reach out and say thank you because I don't really have anyone to learn all these different things from.

  18. Have you taken Creatine? Thoughts? 🤗

  19. Thank you for making a video about fitness that is simple and easy to follow. I’m more motivated knowing how simple the basics are.

  20. So much sane, rational, balanced, helpful advice here, Andrew: thank you very much. I particularly liked your non-sensational approach to aspartame, and your emphasis on people finding what works for them. More of this type of content, pretty please 🙂

  21. Your saying "google is your best friend " why don't you try andriod 😀

  22. Which version of t-Swift … ready for it is this I liked it.

  23. Fish even farm raised fish is so bad for you.The level of Mercury as well as tons of pesticides and not to mention the pure trash in the fish pellets farm fish are given almost all fish negates any health benefit to eating it.

  24. This video is so good! I hear over and over again bodybuilders giving advice on training with no understanding that most people do not want to go that far with their bodies and their health in general. Counting how much you take in exactly every day may cause mental problems and stress. Again, great video for the avarage gym goers!

  25. butter is not a bad fat… it's not going to clog your arteries… this myth has been debunked over and over again by science (look into ketogenic diets)

  26. Beware the Aspartame dude. The body converts it to formaldehyde which is quite scary. BUT do as you please but you were warned. Be sweet.

  27. Watch Ben Pakulski’s videos. He’s a great coach.

  28. I love this! And I agree its not a blast! You are looking so fine :). I like how you tell people that just going to the gym is more then they would have done anyway. And that overeating makes fat, and not eating will eat muscle. Stay amazing!! You are what you eat! Go protein!

  29. What editing software do you use?

  30. The flexing ws sexy but hort. Don't deny us the flexing 😛

  31. Avoid trans fats like the plague. It's the fat that never dies.

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