My 21 Day Fix Meal Prep frim Start to Finish: Recipes, Prep Tips, Food Storage and More!

My 21 Day Fix Meal Prep frim Start to Finish: Recipes, Prep Tips, Food Storage and More!

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A peek into a full meal prep aligned to the 21 day fix meal prep plan. Includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and tips for storing your meals and snacks when on the go. If you have any questions or need more guidance, feel free to reach out via email, Facebook ( or, Instagram (@Fit_Fluential_Mom) or text 818-632-6969.


  1. Love this video Ellie, and many others. Seeing a realistic meal prep, and real easily found ingredients from Costco makes it all seem attainable. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched videos with a bunch of fancy ingredients that I have to run around the City to find.. I really appreciate this! Thank you!

  2. What are you spring the tins with? It looks like you don't answer questions asked.

  3. This gave me a lot of good ideas, but could you rotate the view in the future? It makes it hard to see sideways. Thanks!

  4. Great ideas! But the emphasis on using Costco products is not good. Visit local farmers markets and health food stores for organic, humanely raised and grass fed beef, chicken and seafood products, as well as nut-based milks, coconut oils, spelt based breads, produce, etc. Fresh eggs from farmers markets are awesome. While many people might complain about the cost of buying local and organic, for the amounts of food being consumed and the money saved in not buying and eating unhealthy food, I find I actually SAVE money by getting local and health food store food products. And you will be supporting local producers and not huge agribusiness.

  5. you didn't measure whats the point 🤔

  6. This is great, excellent job, I'm waiting for my fixate cookbook, and i also invested in a Ninja IQ, so i am excited. Thankyou for showing us what you do….I CAN HARDLY WAIT.

  7. weight is 180…and I get 4 green and 3 fruits and after eating all the box…..I get so full ll so can skip anything like if I can I have only 3 veggies…..or do I have to eat all of it….if I skip will I get the results…..thanks

  8. You didn't measure anything, isn't that the point of the 21 day fix? Measuring everything? Thanks for sharing your ideas though

  9. You can cook the squash first and then cut them. Way easier 🙂

  10. do you have a measure of each comtainer?

  11. Would you count the egg recipe as one red?

  12. how long have you been on this , & how much have you lost 😀

  13. Do you use a convection oven? If you do not, do you notice that certain items have to be placed in certain places within the oven? I hope that makes sense.

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