My Birthday | Healthy Desserts + Raw Vegan Caramel Cake Recipe

My Birthday | Healthy Desserts + Raw Vegan Caramel Cake Recipe

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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎊🎁🎉

  2. I loooooooove the blue striped top!
    You looked amazing. Where is it from? If you still remember.

  3. Her style has changed so much!!

  4. Does anyone know if the raw vegan cakes have as much calories as the normal cake?

  5. I've been watching Sarahs day religiously for a whole year! So proud of you Sarah! <3

  6. We have nothing like all the awesome shops and restaurants you have that serve such awesome food, dairy free, gluten free, etc.! I need to move to Australia! <3

  7. Can you give me the recipe from the raw vegan cake 🙂

  8. Love your Vlogs. That birthday cake looked amazing !!!

  9. when u scream so loud that ur neighbors ring ur doorbell and ur mother falls up the stairs because u thought sarah just uploaded and u run to the comment section to express ur love and emotion but then u see the top comment was made 11 months ago and the realization hits that u have just clicked on the video of her previous birthday ** lmaoOOO **

  10. woah your voice sounds so different in this compared to now!

  11. Why didn't you wear shoes when walking on the street to yoga? Not a hate comment, just genuinely curious! 🙂

  12. sometimes food – love it!!

  13. Is there anything that I can use instead of coconut cream? That cake looks AMAZING btw!!

  14. Yes! Raw vegan desserts are amazing. They're almost impossible to find where I live though, so I extra appreciate the tried and true recipe! Yum!

  15. you have been my favorite person for over the past week or two and the fact that you started playing lorde makes me love you even more

  16. how do I find such wonderful shops around me? –Heart of the Midwest. Everything you buy always looks so wonderful, and i have never found anything like this around me.

  17. You are so pretty Sezy! Omg the blue workout tights and crop are amazing! Where did you get them from? Yes, I am the girl that has been on a Sezy's Day binge! 😛

  18. Just tried this recipe! Can't wait to try it!

  19. Oh my gosh, Sara I honestly love you ! You are such a inspiration and motivation for me in my current situation. The videos you put up here helped me so much in my fitness mentality, its insane. Please do not stop being the person you are, bc even if I don't know you personally I can totally say that your an amazing human being!
    Much much love from Germany ❤️🤗

  20. "My birthday is just about eating" PREACH! Hahaha

  21. O m g. The background music on 5:55 is from The Sims right???? LOVE it!!!! And love your channel! <3 xoxo


  23. Why can't the US have these kinds of stores😭

  24. Can you make the cake recipe more accessible for us to replicate? Would love to give it a try!

  25. 😄I love how you always put your pinky over your mouth when u eat Raw Vegan deserts!!💕 So cute & dainty.. it's like a gauge of just HOW scrumptious your treats are!!👌

  26. Mehhh why do you always ask for American opinions? What about us Brits? 😩 still love The Sez though obvs

  27. I watched this video like months ago, but i haven't forgotten the delicious looking cake you made. I finally made it tonight and it was so delicious! I am so glad that i saw your video and made this recipe. it's one i'll definitely keep for my sweet cravings 🙂

  28. you should make a cookbook!

  29. Does anyone know where she lives? I can't ever find healthy treats to buy.

  30. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! YAS so good

  31. Sarah why are you so freaking beautiful and perfect omg <3

  32. I love you but btw the cake wasnt raw vegan. YOu used honey but oh well XD

  33. I'm from use and we have the first thing in ice cream

  34. Where did you get your sunnies?

  35. you are so inspiring thank you so much for all the amazing information i have learned so much from watching your videos !!! ❤️❤️

  36. Sarah, you are my inspiration for living a healthier life and having a positive mindset. Thank you for sharing glimpses into your world!

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