My Exercise and Diet Tips! + My Fitness Routine

My Exercise and Diet Tips! + My Fitness Routine

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5 min. ab workout I do:

How to Stay Fit 2014:

Healthy Food Ideas:

Healthy Breakfast Ideas:

How to get a Bikini Body:

18 – One Direction
I’m a mess – Ed Sheeran
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Nina – Ed Sheeran
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I am 14!

What camera and editor do you use?
I use the Canon Rebel t3i and edit with iMovie or Final CPX.

love you all to pluto and back, hailey


  1. So I know the reps or whatever are like 2 sets of 45 secs of crunches but do you take a few secs of a break in between of do you do other exercises in between. I’m completely clueless

  2. Such a good vid lol also is she really smart or did she just search up all the facts about fibres lol

  3. Omg at first I thought this was one of your more recent videos 😂 love the 14 year old baby Hailey!!!

  4. All your workout vid motivates me and thats a good thing cause im so not confident with my health and body amd everytime i look in the mirror i get disgusted looking at my own body that i made to become like that. I really just want to be happy confident and healthy physically and mentally and your vids really help. Thank you so much for doing this to show us and yourself the way of being healthy and losing weight im seriously so thankful and may god bless you

  5. Omg I have been looking for the right video on fitness and FINALLY I found one!❤Thx for helping/motivating me!!😗😄😄❤

  6. u talk a lot and u need to work on boxing

  7. Right after unsuccessfully trying a number of different diet plans, I had almost given up. I never received any considerable results. But the diet “sowo hope site” (Google it) ended up to be the strategy for me. Within just only one week, seven days, I actually lost 7 lbs.

  8. u can tell this was 2 years ago because of that thumbnail

  9. I hate it when I'm secretly trying to be on a diet then your mom gives you a Reese cup and I'm just like UGH.

  10. Your videos really help me ❤️😊

  11. your videos help me stay motivated and make me believe that small baby steps will get me to a healthier life style. thank you 😀


  13. is couscous good for you

  14. A 13 year old girl who is still going through puberty should have at least 1700 calories a day (for someone the size of Hailey, that's the minimum), so a 300 calorie breakfast will definitely not keep you energised :/

  15. If you don't like the plain taste of water get UN-sweet iced tea

  16. In the morning you should eat and drink warm stuff. Like tea and oatmeal because the body needs warm stuff in the morning. When you eat cold it isn't good for your Organs and body you

  17. In the morning you should eat and drink warm stuff. Like tea and oatmeal because the body needs warm stuff in the morning. When you eat cold it isn't good for your Organs and body

  18. I drink 5 bottles of water A day ,its A good start right ?

  19. I wish that I was able to go outside, but I live in denmark and right now, there is a meter of snow!!

  20. ey nice vid, I've been searching for a work out scheme from someone around my age(15), and this rlly works out(get it?…yeah never mind…) so keep being you, you're amazing

  21. 9:15 she starts doing exercises

  22. Im reading this so late lol but anyways, girl, u gotta work on that form. For running, squats, pushups, planks, crunches. Dont tuck ur chin in for crunches or situps. Keep ur neck and chest straight… Oh and i enjoyed the video 😂


  24. 18 by One Direction is perfection

  25. All of these workout videos inspired me to start getting healthy and work out and I've cut all sweets and treats out of my diet for the most part and I'm pushing myself to exercise and I feel so amazing! Thanks for the inspiration Hailey 💞

  26. Am I the only one that gets really really really motivated to work out when I watch her videos,I've watched about 6 of her videos in 30mins and she just makes me so happy ❤️

  27. Omg she is so cute and little heree💖💖💖SO proud of what Hailey has become and has achieved so far,can't wait to see more of her in the future.

  28. İngilizceyi nasil öyle konuşabiliyorsun ve Aslen Türk müsün Türksen İngilizceyi nasıl öğrendin kaç yılda ögrendin yada doğuştan mi ingilizce konuşuyorsun 😂

  29. The diet plan I'm following makes me thin quickly with a very strong method. I already lost belly fat and 21 pounds with this diet. She finds herself here

  30. Hey, just found your channel. I really love your healthier lifestyle videos, they're awesome. I'm fifteen and i've been a vegeterian for five years and now trying to be vegan. Lol, i hope it works.😂
    I'm really glad to see people like you on youtube.😊👍

  31. There's no way I can walk my dog alone here in my country. I'd get kidnapped or robbed or even raped. That's why I'm kinda antisocial. I'm scared.

  32. i'm the opposite of you because you don't play team sports i play only team sports😂 but it's ok cause i love you

  33. WAIT! how do you live w/o blueberries? where do you live? man that sucks!

  34. Go paleo. It's amazing. It's low carb but healthy. High fat but healthy. No sugar or processed food. It's amazing. My skin is amazing and so is my stomach and legs

  35. I think she's only wearing mascara

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