Navratri Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Navratri Special Upvas Recipes to Lose 5kg in 9 Days

Navratri Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Navratri Special Upvas Recipes to Lose 5kg in 9 Days

Navratri Diet Plan: Navratri Special Upvas Recipes to Lose Weight 5kg in 9 Days | Diet Plan for Navratri | Fat to Fab

New Navratri Weight Loss Diet Plan –

Start your day with one glass of overnight soaked cumin water.

Breakfast:- Boil aloo+ curd or sawak rice dhodha, or veg pulao or a bowl of papaya

Mid day:- One guava, one apple, or one pear

Lunch:- Cold coffee or smoothie or almond milk

Evening tea:- Green tea with some almonds, some walnuts or raisins

Dinner:- 2 kiwi, two slice of pineapple, or two mausambi or bowl of papaya

Cold coffee:-

Almond milk:-



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  1. New Navratri Weight Loss Diet Plan –

  2. Thnx di 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Hlo mam plz tell me kya morning m khali pet green coffee le skti hun fast mai

  4. Raat ko fruits le skte hai

  5. Mam muje buts kam karne n fast 8 din k hai mere apka diet follw kar rahi hu plz reply isse hoga na and 2 km walk bhi karti hu

  6. Can i have cantaloupe as a dinner ..??

  7. I just have one can i be on this diet and not be hungry all the tym! The portion sizes r so less..i ll end up binge eating aftr one day of this.. n it has no protein in it that ok??

  8. Kiya almond milk oats m aur chia pudding m dal Santa hai m is channel m new hou pls rely

  9. superb information…. 😘😘😘

  10. green tea… tulsi vali ya…. honey konsi bcoz lemon vali green tea fast m nhii le skte

  11. boil aalu m… green chilly daal skte h… 🤔🤔🤔

  12. Hi im new subscribe and now definitely follow ur diet. Just tell me can i eat lauki and night and how and when

  13. Fast me le sakte hai ki nahi protein powder please reply

  14. Di fast me oziva protein powder Le sakte hai kya

  15. raisin…( black) vali leni h di….

  16. apki vedio dekhne se phle big Like 👈 kr deti hu😍😍😍

  17. hello mam… u looking pretty 😘😘

  18. plz will u help me suman

  19. hello suman
    i have request 2 u
    plz i have a question.
    i have started my diet at 1 augest and today was 5 October. suman when i have seen ur video i got inspiration 2 loss weight fast .i have started following u i have loss 5 kg about 1 month ago but still i am following u its around 1 month over but i did loss my weight iam following the diet very strictly

  20. Api me weight lose krna chati ho plz help me. Mera 3 sezirion hwe ha. Me jo be diet kro weekness feel hti ha. Aur baby feed krti Ha.mera weight 83 kg ha aur height 5.2 ha.plz help me

  21. thanks dear thanks alot…mainthiroid patient hoon maine apki navratri diet se 4 kg loss kia hai…👍

  22. Whats ur current weight and prrevious weight???

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