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I rant about foodstuffs.


  1. Typical vegan… there is nothing wrong with a vegan diet but you somehow convey the message that vegans are superior, as far as I know we're omnivorous animals and eating meat is more natural than not. Also, as far as I know you're not the best marathon/ultramarathon runner so why should we listen to your advice on diet ?

  2. You lived in Japan!? I have been living in Japan for 5.5 years now. Where did you live and why did you come?

  3. Exactly, more fruits and veggies..Good way to put it.

  4. Hey…. I'm not a hater and I did not thumbs down. but I'm 4:40 into your video and still waiting for you to get to the point according to this videos title. Great choice of location…

  5. why did you keep standing up and looking around every few sec/min?

  6. LOVED THIS!! Seriously great info! the first video that came up when I searched "endurance diet" and I could not be more happy with the content and authenticity. Just subscribed. you're awesome.

  7. I went 100% vegan four months ago. Before I was a vegetarian. Going vegan has been quite amazing. Not only I feel happier and healthier, but my running has improved a lot. I can run further and faster and recover quicker! I highly recommend you try a plant based diet for a at least 4-6 weeks and see the difference it can make. You win, animals win, planet wins!

  8. Sage, what are you favorite Flora products?

  9. A basically agree with 100% of everything you say.

  10. OMG having met you at this years Transvulcania we decided to come and check out some of your vids. We watched the TransV ones and a couple of others inc your great Alicia Keys dance, and then this ! Have to say we couldn't concentrate on what you were saying because we were pissing ourselves laughing at you standing up and down and looking over your shoulder 🙂 seriously we were in stitches Sage. Brilliant !! Love Clive and Terri. Fun runners !

  11. Where can i buy that windbreaker

  12. agreed! on honey: i wouldn't worry, since bees are used on a mass scale to pollinate crops. without them there would not be much to eat. bees are so important, eat honey, hate on pesticides, keep them alive! as well, beekeepers, especially your local ones, love their bees and care for them (provide them a place to build their homes!), so cruelty isn't an issue. plus honey- so good.

  13. I hear you and totally agree…went plant based about 6 months ago and feel the best ever.

  14. Omg. I just found your channel the other day and I been working my way through you're videos. I have now just learned your veg/vegan. hell yea. this video is awsome.

  15. Is the acid you took before this video vegan?

  16. Stop moving your head so much Jesus

  17. "Veganism" isn't a healthy lifestyle for an athlete.I became a vegan for a year and my performance dropped significantly as I often got injured on my long runs.However since I switched back to a normal based diet which includes eggs,milk,meat,fish my performance has increased by a significant margin.I don't get injured as often anymore during my long runs.Our bodies need those animal products and byproducts.

  18. Good hook at the start of the video!

  19. Totally agree with you. Been vegan for 15 years and vegetarian for 20 before that. I've never been healthier.

  20. Love your comments Sage but you were looking around like you were on the run from the police!

  21. I agree that we need to eat less meat, but totally vegan ? That's a bit of strech. I significantly reduce my protein (mainly meat, 0 dairy stuff) which might represent like 10% of my total food intake.I eat high carbs too (not refined ones).
    Lots of good stuff in quality meat, human evolution benefited from that (iron, fat from fish). All and all, everyone needs to change their diet to reduce their meat intake in order to get healthier (fibers, vitamins and minerals) but I don't think meat is evil.

  22. haha "I rant about foodstuffs". Nice rant!

  23. Hey Sage, what's your opinion of using coconut oil in preparing food?

  24. It is easy to listen to you because you are not the ideological hard-core vegan that can't be reasoned with – like some fruitarian-youtubers out there. You seem to be very reasonable and level-headed from what I've seen in other videos on different topics.

    Being a multivore, I do have been cutting back on meat intake and added a lot of greens and fruits for all the reasons one should do that. I do think we over-eat meat and it would do a LOT (on a personal and global scale) if all just cut their meat intake in half for starters.

    I also do think it's not only meat as such that are the problem but the food industry as a whole – how it functions etc. And as you say, processed food are like plastics, you read the ingredient list and you think you are reading the back of a skin lotion bottle. 🙂

    I think it's great that there is a community that supports a more vegan-based lifestyle, like in Boulder. Harder for us that live in other places though, more of an effort.

  25. great advice thanks sage. I'm using cliff bar shot blocks and high5 whey protein isolate sports drink mix with electrolytes for my marathon next month. how do you rate these.

  26. stand up , sit down, stand up , sit down. lets repeat this 500 times Sage. haha!

  27. My family and I switched to a whole foods plant based lifestyle (I hate the word "diet" too) starting last week. We are already noticing positive changes. I am an ultra runner and I am looking forward to seeing how this change will also help me with my training and recovery. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic!

  28. There's lots of evidence on the benefits of plant based diets, and the environmental disaster that is industrialized livestock farming, I completely agree. I haven't done the switch yet though, I guess I haven't been brave enough to try…

  29. What are your macros?

  30. Helpful information and talk, but I seriously wish you had done it from your couch like you do on most of your talks. The wind noise was distracting and the constant standing up and sitting down and looking over your shoulder was really irritating, sorry.

  31. Interestingly I raised the idea at the dinner table one evening that too much meat eating was bad for the environment and that as a whole we'd all benefit from eating less meat and more vegetables. However, this was interpreted by my Japanese wife as culinary imperialism and was told that, as a white male English guy, I should, and I paraphrase, "shut up".

  32. Love your rants – keep em coming!

  33. Sage, Great Great talk!!  Amen! I can tell you've been traveling a lot – it opens ones horizon and puts things/life in prospective. Thanks for being so open and honest in all your talks! I learn something new everytime!
    Hope you made it down the mountain okay! …and DO NOT change the intro song!  That's like your trademark!!! Makes it even more fun to watch! 👍🏻

  34. I agree with your take on eating more fruits and vegetables Sage, well said. I have been looking at the fat based but am curious about going vegetarian…what would you recommend as a good starter for going vegetarian? Thanks Sage.

  35. a video on run streaks would be really cool 🙂
    I'm on day 48 of a 365 day streak I decided to do to reignite my relationship with running. I barely ran September through December and just wasn't enjoying it anymore, but since starting a streak and reading about the likes of Ron Hill and Mark Covert and being inspired by them I'm loving running again. It's completely renewed and changed the way I look at running. It's got me back into running for the sheer joy of it and to be more consistent rather than push too hard and end up taking days off all the time. I'm building up super slow because I'm coming back from shin splints (though I ran a half marathon on Sunday).
    It'd be really interesting to here your perspective on run streaks, any advice you have, whether you think they're a good idea and whatnot 🙂
    Great video as always, and as a vegan I'm stoked to here that Sandi is vegan and you're mostly vegan. Plant based really is the only way forward. For us, for the animals, and for the planet

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