Oats 4 Ways | Weight Loss Dinner Recipe | Oats | Oats Recipes Indian | Oats Directions

Oats 4 Ways | Weight Loss Dinner Recipe | Oats | Oats Recipes Indian | Oats Directions

Oats Dinner Recipe 4 way is made with popular curries in the sub continent. Think of these oats as a replacement for other cereals like Rice or wheat.

We can pair the same delicious indian recipes with oats. Here in this video you would learn to make 4 types of oatmeal for dinner.
How to make oats for dinner.
How to Boil Oats 2 ways. One on stove top and two. in microwave
1. Oats recipe for weight loss paired with sambar
2. Weight loss dinner recipe with black eyed peas
3. Oats for Dinner with spicy fish curry
4. How to make oats dinner recipe with chicken curry

4 Oats Dinner Recipes are made with already popular sides & curries. Tasty and help you lose weight. Easy dinners! Try and share with family & friends.

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  1. I tried this recipie with sambar…yummy taste…thanq

  2. This sounds interesting will include oats from now on in my diet for dinner as well.

  3. Is it same to use rolled oats (porridge oats)

  4. Cooking in microwave is not and never healthy
    Be patient using the stove
    God Blesses those who are a patient

  5. What was that? Swift video no mention of ingredients

  6. can I use lion Australian oats?

  7. superb dear, I was looking for this

  8. Wow , awesome ideas. Just came across your channel and had to subscribe!

  9. Wow very gud idea…I loved it…

  10. Is it good to have oats meal for dinner

  11. hi fusion apdiye weight gain agurathukum oru recipe upload pandrathu….

  12. Thanks for your fusion idea was so good,but I request you to make the video,as you shown sambar and chicken curry recipes it was so good to see and we have to taste these recipes please.

  13. Your use of commas annoys me.

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