ONE POT VEGAN MEALS | 5 Fast & Lazy Beginner Recipes (with less washing up!)

ONE POT VEGAN MEALS | 5 Fast & Lazy Beginner Recipes (with less washing up!)

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  1. I made the risotto at home and it was GLORIOUS!! The only thing is I had loads of leftovers and I didn't enjoy it reheated the next day 😭

    I could half the recipe but do you know what the measurements would be for one portion because even half would be a TON! Xx

  2. Hi. What happened to your IBS problem ?? Loads of vegans seem to have this problem, so would really like to know more about it. Tks. Love yr channel

  3. looks great in overall but gotta notice you the way you use plastic cup for hot veggie stock and to drain the hot spaghetti isnt safe at all. should switch to glass ones if you can. safe for environment and your health x

  4. Can't imagine even one of these not being amazing! I'm a vegetarian and in school. Finding healthy food is difficult. Thanks a tonne for your recipes!

  5. Yes! I love that you have the Indian style masala spices tin thing that all Indian households have. Reminds me of home.

  6. I loves the soup! That is my number 1

  7. You must really love lemon

  8. New here…. You had me at sundried tomatoes… I love them like kids like candy lol

  9. Wait… Is coconut milk meant to be solid? 😮

  10. Oh my god, today I tried the lemon pasta, it is soooooo delicious 🤤🤤🤤

  11. Every recipe looks SO delicious! I genuinely love your cooking videos, they're fab- great, easy, yummy ideas with a really simplistic, completely unpretentious style. Huge thumbs up. I'm going to try all of these, but just excited about the spaghetti, I almost never put lemon in things but I'm trying to but down on salt so I think this will be a nice fresh way of getting a flavour punch. Yay!

  12. I just ate my late breakfast but this made me hungry again…

  13. All of these look amazing 🥰😋


  15. 1:23 for returning viewers to cook off these delicious recipes again!

  16. Where is the vitamin b12

  17. what songs did you play?

  18. This video always lags 🙁 dunno why. Cool recipes !

  19. All of them 😍😍😍😍😍


  21. I haven't watch a recipe of yours I didn't like! I'm not even vegan but I'd eat them everyday! 😍

  22. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  23. what's the first song?

  24. I added white wine to the risotto dish – fabulous! Also made and loved the stir-fry. My husband loved it too.

  25. What does the yeast do

  26. Love it! Maybe you could do a winter pie recipe?😁 havent seen many vegan ones!?💗

  27. I really liked this style of video! I liked the restaurant critique of the recipes and rating them. I would like to see this more

  28. Do you have to have nutritional yeast for these recipes?

  29. I really wanna know what songs are used in this video

  30. just had the dried tomato pasta. I subbed the pine nuts for sunflower seeds though and put in some extra chopped garlic. it was so delicious thank you xx

  31. such clever ideas. but the songs are loud n annoying.

  32. I am gonna make the mushroom risotto this weekend for my hubby. We’re both excited.

  33. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! I’m trying all the recipes!!!

  34. Will the first recipe work with regular white rice/brown rice?

  35. I'm currently traveling Australia and binge watching all your cooking videos on the bus for cheap and easy hostel meals ❤❤

  36. Amazing video! Does anyone know the name of the song at 9:40 ?

  37. I think its so funny that cucumbers are corgettes.

  38. I'm not even vegan but I want to try these! What would you (or anyone) suggest substituting for mushrooms since I am not a fan of those? These look amazing and I definitely need to look into getting veggie stock cubes. I buy it already made with liquid and it goes bad so fast.

  39. I read a book about eating for your blood type. It definitely helped with most of my digestive issues.

  40. Oh wow! love your videos! How cool is that spice tray? LOVE it. <3

  41. That risotto would be great with some almonds. I need some crunch.

  42. I made the stir fry and it is so good! I would have never thought of putting maple syrup in but it tastes soooo good

  43. Juice cabbage in a juicer it will help you.

  44. Mushroom risotto looked amazing 😍 can’t wait to make it!

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