Palak Thalipeeth – Quick and healthy breakfast recipe | Maharashtrian recipes| Indian veg recipes

Palak Thalipeeth – Quick and healthy breakfast recipe | Maharashtrian recipes| Indian veg recipes

Delicious perfect Indian breakfast recipe, Indian veg recipe, Indian Palak recipes, Indian snacks recipe
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  1. very nice…looks tasty

  2. I like this food thank you

  3. For healthy, avoid using rice flour

  4. I tried making this today and found the dough hard to handle so I tried a different way. I flattened the ball in the frying pan. Also I used very little oil in a non stick pan. This was more healthy.

  5. Why frozen spinach..can we use fresh spinacv

  6. From which angle this is healthy……………………it can be tasty no doubt …… but dont call it healty….it contains lots of oil and frying.

  7. whether u add steamed spinach or not

  8. We can also include millet flour instead of wheat flour for gluten free diet..

  9. very tasty👌👌👌👌👌

  10. I don't have besan and aata..only have what should I do?

  11. What kinda healthy is that you put tons of oil

  12. is this healthy…… i doubt ……… ur adding oil every time……

  13. palak used in this recipe is steamed or raw?

  14. ohhhh mad god so much oil

  15. very good recipe thank you for sharing this 👌

  16. better we make palak roti or palak paratha at low flame using less oil…..this dish looks yummy indeed but has so much oil….not healthy at all…..this is nearly fried..

  17. my kids loved it and so did I. Thank you for sharing and uploading.

  18. is this palak cooked or raw?

  19. 1:57 that hole is funny

  20. 2 litr oil use krdiya ,healthy kya ghnta hai isme

  21. It is fried how come it is healthy? Probably it will have the same calories as in any morning parantha

  22. Good recipe,specially liked your trick of putting oil in that little hole,but found a bit oily.

  23. I really like this recipe I will try it many blessings

  24. this is looking yummy but not healthy

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