Quick & Healthy Dessert Ideas⎜BeyondBeautyStar

Quick & Healthy Dessert Ideas⎜BeyondBeautyStar

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If you’re reading this comment: What is your favorite dessert snack?


  1. Omg I never knew u can do that to a banana

  2. Time to try to make these and most likely fail😃

  3. how many calories is one banana oat cookie?

  4. Definitely gonna try the banana froyo! Thanks ☺️

  5. Cool lipstick but, I feel it's too much because the rest of your look is simple and plain

  6. i can agree with you on the cinnamon

  7. I made the banana oat cookie..
    I added a lil peanut butter in cookies too. And baked them… The result???

    Complete mess🤒🤒

  8. It says quick and u have to freeze a banana…

  9. boyfriend says that your video sucks
    I think your great.

  10. Cmon by Kesha is the music (instrumentals is what she is playing)

  11. lol this was in 2013, back when fat was scary.

  12. lol this was in 2013, back when fat was scary.

  13. Yess i do the banana ice cream one all the time!! But i add healthy peanut butter and cinnamon to give it that extra taste

  14. Wow! And Yumm! 😍😍

  15. These look so good! Thank you so much for sharing these 🙂

  16. Coming from my part of YouTube, I'm shocked to see how positive your viewers are.

  17. What's wrong with her lips?

  18. I loved this!! I have such a sweet tooth this will help a ton thanks!!!

  19. can you use another blender different from this??

  20. I don't have any of these foods

  21. Where do you get your cacao nibs?

  22. the oatmeal Cookies Are basically the same recipe than selfmade Sweet for horses. You just don't bake the until they are completely dry😂😂😂
    but however they taste great

  23. I just realized you're from t@gged haha

  24. Hello persoon thats Reading this comment! Have a Nice dag😊

  25. The yogurt is not good for u buy regular yogurt not non fat because it has more sugar and ur body can not break it down

  26. You should add some of that pb2 to your oatmeal cookies

  27. Where can you buy Pb2 ??? I am from canada and i live in a smll town so my grocery store doesn't have a lot of those kind of things …

  28. these all look SO delicious. thank you. i would've never thought you could make bananas into froyo!!!!

  29. to be honest these healthy foods are not that healthy sooo Nope

  30. I might try the banana ice cream with cocoa powder mixed in

  31. I already tried this method with bananas years ago. And it turned out really gross. Banana ice cream 👎👎👎 But my favorite were raspberry and mango

  32. omg!!! they taste so good! the oatmeal cookies and banana, but i added stuff to it.i made it by myself. im 10 year's old

  33. ohhhh,yummm, the oat meal one, I watch that ep

  34. great video! these are actually healthy

  35. Thank you for healthy ideasssss❤️

  36. You'd be the tastiest dessert hun

  37. why not just use steel cuts as oppose to rolled oats?

  38. First of all the title in your video is very misleading as you say to freeze the bananas overnight (I dont know about you but i wouldnt describe that as "Quick"
    Second of all you cant just blend the banana on its own as it would destroy the motor of the nutribullet
    I didnt watch the rest because the first one was so poorly done. Good idea though when done correctly A for effort :).

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