Ragi Malt For Weight Loss | Ragi Recipe Indian | Ragi For Weight Loss | Ragi Flour Recipe

Ragi Malt For Weight Loss | Ragi Recipe Indian | Ragi For Weight Loss | Ragi Flour Recipe

In this Ragi malt recipe for weight loss, you would learn how to make a simple Ragi malt Recipe. It will make you feel full, keep you tummy cool and helps reach your wight loss goals.
This Ragi flour recipe can be a replacement snack in the evening. Or you can have it with a boiled egg and peanuts to make it a meal.

Easy breakfast to make, less calories more iron and enough carbs to see you thru the AM!. Have it with Croutons or Beans Or… a boiled egg would be great!!

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  1. Can give for 6 month baby

  2. I gained lot of weight after eating ragi…. I dint know why it showed the reverse effect for me….later after research I got to know that we should never mix ragi with sugar or curds….it leads to weight gain…. Mixing salt will reduce my weight?

  3. Nijanga weight loss authara nen pregnancy kosam try chestunna edhi thagacha

  4. Will I lose my weight with this receptor for sure ?

  5. Is the raagi koozh also reduce tummy fat ?

  6. I'm trying this daily it's useful really

  7. hamare yaha nhi milta to agr amazon se mangvana ho to konsa brand best rahega kya aap link share kr skti hai??

  8. It is really weight loss treatment for me I am 92kgs

  9. when we have to take mrng or night time please reply me

  10. Is it helpful to weight loss if I take it only night time instead of dinner ?

  11. Is the flour roasted or not, please answer.

  12. Thanks for the update

  13. I sub ur channel # 2695 plz sub me back with bell button

  14. im 1yrs ah morning breakfast ah ragi sapduren….. weight loss pannanum nu sapda venam its really full healthy compare other foods…..

  15. breast feeding panren ithu mattum saptu weight loss pannalama

  16. is it really the wight loss ?

  17. Shall i drink this twice a day in substitute for coffee to lose my weight..and how much weight will I lose by this..

  18. Is it good for weight loss if we add jaggery instead of salt ?

  19. Thanks.tis video very useful to me sis😊

  20. Simple and healthy breakfast! Thanks for uploading!

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