Raw Vegan Indian Meal (Recipes)

Raw Vegan Indian Meal (Recipes)

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Raw Mango Lassi Recipe: http://therawbuzz.com/raw-recipes-2/drinks/raw-vegan-mango-lassi-recipe/
Raw Curried Rice Recipe: http://therawbuzz.com/raw-recipes-2/lunchdinner/raw-curried-rice-parsnip-with-scallions-and-peas-recipe/
Raw Vegetable Pakora Recipe: http://therawbuzz.com/raw-recipes-2/lunchdinner/crispy-raw-vegan-vegetable-pakora-recipe/
Raw Banana Curry Recipe: http://therawbuzz.com/raw-recipes-2/lunchdinner/raw-vegan-banana-curry-recipe-indian-dinner-feasting/

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  1. Indian food has been my favorite for years and after getting more into raw foods I haven’t had as much of it. Recently I’ve been craving it and I’m loving what I see here! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙏

  2. Awesome recipes! Definitely going to try the raw vegan hot chocolate that's on your website. Think I'll use raw cacao though.

  3. this is super cute

  4. Didnt Show how you made the items…

  5. Brilliant …I assisted Chef BeLive on raw vegan indian food and you have it down….break down the recipes and show us in prep….we love your ideas!

  6. Why the hell don't you show us how to make it instead of running around like a fool and shaking the camera all over the place? 🙁

  7. The Food Alchemist walked right out of a wheelchair and Lupus using food: http://youtu.be/hGmxAR4mQRc

  8. just check out your website can't wait to try the recipes thanks heather 🙂

  9. You're silly and I can dig it! HaHa. Whenever in LA, you gotta Fruitluck with the 811 Angeleno crew. I like the recipes. Thank you!

  10. In the description 🙂

  11. im impressed….lucky dad!

  12. Looks great Heather!!!

  13. That meal looks amazing! My mouth is watering!

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