Right Diet | Balance Diet and Food Tips | By Dr Padmaja Prasad, Nutritionist

Right Diet | Balance Diet and Food Tips | By Dr Padmaja Prasad, Nutritionist

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How to Maintain a Balanced Diet ?


  1. Tanq mam for your kind information

  2. Thank u soo much Madam for giving valuable and healthy diet

  3. Thank u soo much, for giving valuable and diet.

  4. Super explaining madam tq mam

  5. pappu ante pesarapappu ekkuva thinavachha

  6. Mam please give some nutritional diet tips and balanced diet for 1year baby… Like can I give boiled and mashed carrot… As u have told if boiled it looses its beta-carotene… Can I give my baby oats or Jonna atukulu with milk…

  7. Vaidyulu devudu samanam ani epudu telisindi

  8. Thanq somuch madam garu

  9. Hair fall ayyi peragalante Kuda help avuhundhaadam

  10. There is no bad diet good diets today all are hybrids toxic foods contaminated with pesticides GMO chemicals genetically engineered modified foods developed by pharma companies scientists to get diseases can earn billions of rupees through toxic hybrid variety vegetables & crops if all nutritionist cultivate organic crops all are healthy no diseases no patients no doctors no income all are healthy can all nutritionist cultivate organic crops for Indians to be healthy with good nutrition

  11. thank u so much mam it is very very useful massege

  12. I have hypothyroidism, can I take soya beans

  13. చాల బాగా చెప్పారు అమ్మ ధన్యవాదాలు

  14. mam food timeings kuda cheppandi pls all agess vallaki

  15. good health tip suggestions madam

  16. Thank you soo much mam

  17. Hello madam. Naku scleroderma undi. Nenu elanti diet teesucovali

  18. madam heart patient badam thinnacha.yenni yethukovachu.

  19. Good……Everyone should follow your tips mam. Being a Doctor,you explain the people what to do and what not to do….amazing madam. Lots of thanks ….

  20. Excellent mam. Thank you very much. nice explanation.

  21. Hats Off To You Mam! This is very important to current generation and lifestyle

  22. these idea really it works for all

  23. its very good and simply precisely explained…………….and your simplicity…………….hats-off to you and keep going and thanks a lot to you.

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