Super High Protein Omelette – Indian Egg Recipes – BeerBiceps Bodybuilding Diet Breakfast

Super High Protein Omelette – Indian Egg Recipes – BeerBiceps Bodybuilding Diet Breakfast

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Ingredients :-
1)4 whole eggs
2)50g Green Gram (Moong Dal)
3)50g Moth Bean (Matki Dal)
4)50g Bengal Gram (Chana Dal)
5)1 Tbsp Ghee
6)1 Tbsp Cumin (Jeera)
7)1 Tsp Red Chilli Powder
8)1/2 Tsp Turmeric
9)1/2 Tsp Garam Masala
10)Salt to taste

Optional Ingredients :-
12)Curry Leaves

The latest high protein BeerBiceps Indian Egg recipe is this monster 57g protein fuelled stuffed dal omelette. One of the tastiest Indian bodybuilding meals you’ll ever come across!
Not only is this your go to high protein breakfast but it will also become your go to high protein snack. High protein meals have never been as delicious as this simple indian recipe. Honestly speaking, even cooking beginners will be able to ace this particular recipe. This is ideal Bodybuilding food for mass, but keep in mind, by mass i don’t mean bodybuilder mass. I mean lean muscle mass. So girls reading this, (if for some weird reason you’ve reached this far into my description. Seriously, I only write this for search engine optimisation, lol) feel free to have this high protein indian egg recipe. Yes its a little high in carbs and yes its a little high in a bit of fat – but the both the carbs and the fat in this dish are CLEAN. And thats what matters the most. The Indian bodybuilding diet should be packed with high protein meals for breakfast lunch dinner and even the occasional snack. If all indian snacks were this high in protein the nation would be a better place!


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  1. i like it a lot that look real good, what do you think of this recipe for body building?

  2. There is no way it can be this much protein

  3. Is he is a fitness youtuber

  4. Don't eat this,u will waste protein

  5. Bro don't mind but you give so feel like your having sex while making this recipe 😂 😆 😅 😁 😝 😉 😇 😍 👌 👍 😎 😘 😋

  6. He is eating carbs and fats more than protein

  7. Osum yrr best for muscle building

  8. 100 GM soya chunks kha ke Bhai 10 minutes main ready & it has 52% protein

  9. Y is it served with white bread?

  10. 940 calories…damn 😅 but I'm vegan so it doesn't matter I can't eat this anyways 😂

  11. Bro I follow you because of your fashion advice.
    But in this fitness part u must give correct information after boiling and frying nuts and lentils loose their nutritionist value.

  12. i tried this, for every two minutes i was farting, fart fart fart motherfucking fart which led to my job loss 💨 💨 💨

  13. this is crazy bro .. these r equal to two meals

  14. Hi bro
    Make vedio for veg this type of high protein

  15. Not quick it will take alot effort n prepration

  16. yes 57g of protien, but not lean protien. Too high in calories. Also, its too much for one meal.

  17. Bro this meal high carb high in saturated fat and high salt

  18. A recipe for a diet plan should be practical
    Easy to make
    Making this everyday with all the dals soaking and shit wouldn't fit into a daily diet

  19. Total bs, too many carbs !

  20. Bhunda laat marunga tere muh pe jyada chef na bne haramkhor

  21. Lol 4 whole eggs ? NOPE. This will give you protien and but also it will make your belly FAT*. This is an absurd dish with *EXTREMELY HIGH carbs in a single dish. You will be farting bombs after half an hour. Just use 1 whole egg and 5 egg whites if you want protien in the morning and Eat lentils/Daal in lunch with fibre rich salad. If your goal is weight loss and fat loss, DO NOT FOLLOW THIS DISH I repeat * DO NOT FOLLOW THIS DISH*.

  22. boiled beans have far less protein than that of raw ones. No benefit of showing 22-23 grams of protein in beans if you are not consuming it.

  23. It can be considered as a cheat meal but not as a part of the daily diet. Also it's too much calories…. Good for gaining purpose but not for some one who wants to shredd…..

  24. Omg 940 calories wow what a heavy meal

  25. Thank you Sir, i need to try this for Sure

  26. Happy that I don't see his wavy hands in this video

  27. its loaded with carb. cant eat if you are in fat loss..

  28. Egg is basically not an animal protein

  29. Bhai hindi m bhi bol liya kro

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