TASTY NO OVEN PIZZA – Tasty and easy food recipes for dinner to make at home

TASTY NO OVEN PIZZA – Tasty and easy food recipes for dinner to make at home

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Tasty food recipes. cooking videos for dinner. how to make snacks for begginers. Homemade no bake pizza recipe. If you have not oven at home, there is no regrets because, you can make your own pizza without it!. As always, a simple and quick food video to lunch or dinner.

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Chef: Gorka Barredo

INGREDIENTS for a dough for two people

– 150g flour 5 oz
– 80-90 ml of water 2,7-3 fl. Oz
– 5g, 0,17 oz fresh yeast or 2g, 0,02 dry
– a tablespoon of olive oil
– A pinch of salt

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  1. It was an amazing recipe when i cooked it yesterday and everyone loved it but i used vegetable instead of ham

  2. Mi piace è troppo riduttivo …direi adoroo🤗🤗👍👍👍

  3. Not bad good idea I'll give it a go

  4. thank you that was really helpful for me
    because i am 12 yrs and i love cooking you are amazing please post more videos like that….. 🙂

  5. Im in love …Nice job🤩👍👌

  6. Just wanted to get on here and say this looks disgusting

  7. I literally got a pizza ad before this video and I’d rather order that than spend my precious minutes in making a pizza that would turn out disgusting

  8. Instructions unclear, I got my dick stuck in a blender.

    I’ll see you in court.

  9. the dough reminds me of how we make pot bake in Trinidad. but we knead it differently and use baking powder…you could start cooikng the dough after 15 mins. It just would be more crisp and not as soft. But great recipe though

  10. For 2 hours? Well I don't have so much of patience. It's better to buy it!

  11. Ignore the dumb comments

  12. Is it necessary to add ham and orgena i am a vegetarian plz reply faster

  13. From where i can get mozerrella cheeze??

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