The Amazing FODMAP Diet – My Thoughts, Tips and Advice

The Amazing FODMAP Diet – My Thoughts, Tips and Advice

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*New Update* – I have just released a course on the Low Fodmap Diet on Udemy: loads more info on how I cope with the diet and tricks and tips. Less garlic crushing with cars tho, sorry! 🙂

*New Update* – Please check out my friends over at for awesome FODMAP friendly foods.

After suffering from IBS for over 10 years, I’ve been on the FODMAP diet now for over a year and a half and it’s had a dramatically positive effect on my life. I want to share that with you. My aim is that at least one other person sees this video, tries this diet and that it has the same effect on them. In this video I walk through the diet in layman’s terms, talk about substitutions you can use and give some tips on products that I’ve found in that last year some of which have been real hidden gems.

Remember that you should only really do this diet with the help of a trained dietician.

Some other links you might like to check out:

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My Gear:

I shot this vlog on a Canon 70D –

I use a GoPro Hero 4 Black as a second camera/backup:

I keep all my gear in this backpack (which is amazing):

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  1. Thank you, thank you for making this accessible video. Grateful to people like yourself for sharing and I'm planning to give it a try soon! Happy belly to you!

  2. Thank you so much for making this video. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it!

  3. What about probiotics? How do you get it? And what about iron? How do you get iron?

  4. great advice on what to shop for, thanks for tips will try hard to go on this diet , wish me luck…

  5. oh man, you just eat shit high or low FODMAP……………. start with real food. Whre are the real fresh foods? potatos, rice, many fruits………… they are all LOW FODMAP.

  6. Good visuals! You are good at teaching this and should make more Fodmap videos even though I may not agree with the length of time being years. I am.impress with your articulation of all those sugars.

    I am curious to know your source of being on the FODMAP diet for years instead of 2- 6 weeks or two months?

  7. "In many cases the diet is inappropriately adhered to rigidly for long periods of time. The low FODMAP diet is ideally only used for a short period of time (2-6 weeks) to work out whether these foods are impacting on how the gut works."

  8. I have seen medical people says this diet is for about 2 to 6 week, including University of Michigan and Monash University.

  9. My girlfriend has had it for 12 yrs. Very severe case. She has went to hospital like 3 time in a week at time but most if not all hospitals don't have any knowledge of ibs. So the give you something for anxiety and send you on your way. Pain meds is not a option for ibs.

  10. I dont understand how they came up with garlic? It's supposed to kill bacteria/fungus

  11. Seeing the apple made me sad, I think that’ll be the hardest for me to give up, I eat an apple a day and look forward to it
    I do appreciate this video, I like that you are giving substitutes, it’s very helpful, I find this all so confusing, especially since I am vegan and many of the foods I eat seem to be high FODMAP foods. But my stomach distension and pain is the worst it’s ever been

  12. The funny thing is cats are lactose intolerant 😄

  13. Great video for people just learning about FODMAP.

  14. I am about to start the FODMAP diet and hope it works. Sick of being sick.

  15. Just getting organized to do FODMAP elimination diet. I have used celery in place of onions-not bad.
    Yesterday I had Cantonese hot pot with mushroom broth, tons of mushrooms & garlic in my sauce. Boy did I suffer later! I love mushrooms but they don't like me!

  16. What do you do for beverages?

  17. This diet / eating strategy has proved to be a saving grace for my long-standing digestive issues. I ditched gluten-including grains (wheat, rye and barley), beans and legumes, onions and broccoli and certain fruit like apples out of my diet overnight, and the constant bloating, stomach discomfort, swelling and sluggishness no longer bothers me. At times I was actually so bloated from eating meals full of whole grains, beans and broccoli that I thought I was rapidly gaining weight, but apparently that wasn't the issue.

  18. Thanks for the great info . I'm just starting this diet and was wondering how much more do you spend at the shops ?

  19. Thank you so much , doctor told me I was probably gluten intolerant, went on gluten free diet but still had symptoms, turned out it was ibs , your advice really helps

  20. You should add recipes too 😃

  21. I’ve been IBS but never actually diagnosed until a year ago with IBSD and now still struggling with families understanding that I can’t eat everything even if it just a little bit.
    I need recipes for coffee because I love coffee and it just upset my stomach 😭

  22. Great video mate, really useful info just what my Doc recommend today. Can you please share the list of foods on your fridge.

  23. nice vid but you could have given those culprit foods to someone else. What a waste

  24. Thank you so much. I’ve been bad and getting worse my whole life. Finally diagnosed at 53 years of age and on antibiotics and now a lifetime of habits to undo.

  25. This was so helpful!! I’ve been feeling great and only been on low fodmap for a week but I think getting rid of gluten and dairy has made a huge difference. Thanks for sharing your experience, it makes it feel so much more manageable!

  26. Gluten free diet commercial on a Fodmap diet video, so Ironic.

  27. From a fellow IBS bloater… use the app, it is constantly updated, and worth the money, some things in that book are outdated. Bananas and oats for example… I can't eat at all… also note, its not meant to be a DIET but an elimination and reintroduction process, to identify culprits. For example, some foods are ok in small amounts for some people, some foods in the same sugar groups can be eaten but others not. Never designed to be permanent exclusions, but to identify through a rechallenge which exact foods you have a problem with. See a FODMAP dietician or get the app and read all the info. Great video!!!

  28. Think what you meant by the word debilitating (weaken someone, infirm etc) yes can be hugely for some 🙂

  29. Substituting apples for oranges helped me.

  30. Very informative. Can you scan that list?

  31. Gluten free rice crispies? Really? C'mon…

  32. Any idea where to buy the Knorr stock you mentioned? I'm struggling to find it. (I'm also in the UK by the way)

  33. dude, you eat like shit.. so many packaging, so much processed food..

  34. what about figs? and pomegranate?

  35. Very helpful indeed! Thank you.

  36. Please add proper cc. Auto-gen captions are hard to follow.

  37. You are amazing! This video is going to help so many people, myself included. Stoked to hear your gut troubles have left you and your so healthy now. I'm honestly feelin more motivated to attempt this lifestyle than ever. Thankyou, Thankyou! 🙂

  38. Resistant starch helped me

  39. I thought the low fodmap diet is not meant to be permanent (at least according to the stuff I read and watched online)

  40. Thanks for explaining it so well. I have been suffering all week drinking something called A2 milk. It certainly didn't work for me.

  41. Omg im struggling with the symptoms so many years and tried gluten-free lactose free and i Couldn't see much difference now i found out about fructose free diet and foodmap. So gutted i didn't know about this earlier and no doctor told me about it.. great video

  42. Just thought I'd mention… cats are lactose intolerant XD

  43. Good video, my problem seems to be red meat and some fruits like grapes, bread, onions, garlic, dairy are no problem, so I have no idea what I am supposed to eat?

    Oh, and dogs don't eat bread, unless you want to kill it… 😂

  44. Very nice video. I am suffering for a few years now but I went to the Dr for good and I will start the Low fodmap diet but I am not happy knowing that I cannot eat garlic and onion. (Sad face) I am getting anxiety now I better do my breathing exercises

  45. Great video with REAL life experiences. Very helpful list of Dos and Don'ts along with alternatives. Thanks very much !!!

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