The Best Science-Based Diet to Build Lean Muscle (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)

The Best Science-Based Diet to Build Lean Muscle (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)

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When it comes to building muscle and adding size to your frame, your muscle building diet is going to be the most important factor that you have to get right. Because simply put, when you implement a proper diet to build muscle, it will enable you to perform that much better in the gym and physically recover and progress that much faster. However, the unfortunate part is that most people are completely lost with what a diet to gain muscle should look like and what the best foods to eat for muscle gain really are. Luckily, in this video we’ll cover exactly what the best diet to gain muscle really is and how to eat for muscle growth. Towards the end of the video, I’ll also provide a muscle building meal plan that you can get started with right away. Enjoy!



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The Best Science-Based Diet To Build Lean Muscle (10 Studies)


Spread protein out 4 meals:
Liquid calories:
Pre-workout carbs/protein beneficial:
Egg whites vs whole eggs:
Omega-3 benefits:



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  2. Can anybody tell me if they’ve tried this and what kind of results they had?

  3. Can you recommend a preworkout meal for a morning workout routine rather than an evening one?.. thank you.. love your content

  4. Wow compared to u im eating Shit.
    But i eat good Compared to my friends

  5. This has been bothering me for some time. I usually go train while still fasted. I tried to eat before cause everywhere online people say you should and I didn’t like how i felt with food in my system. My question is am I sabotaging any possible gains by going fasted and not fed?

  6. thank you for this.. would like to request your meal plan on your no work out day

  7. God damn that smoothie looks nice. Right I know what I'm having for breakfast

  8. What should I do in this case – i work at warehouse 10 hours daily where it’s physically demanding and with no ventilation I sweat too excessively. In just one week of not going to the gym and just working Monday-Saturday I lost 7 pounds. Should I eat more? Also, should I take more carbs?

  9. all i understood was breakfast, lunch, and dinner…..

  10. What if you're trying to lose body fat while still increasing strength or should I stick do the old method of doing one at a time?

  11. Satisfy with green salads, protein sources and fruits without counting calories or weight , throughout your comical supplements include protein shakes , no breads, no sweets. And don’t forget 7 days workout 1-2 hours a day.

  12. I have a nut allergy and can’t eat peanut butter or almonds, are there any replacements you recommend?

  13. What kind of cinnamon is that? Cinnamon is powder not liquid.

  14. I have a question is it possible to lose weight and gain muscle and the same time ???? And if yes how

  15. Is white rice good for muscle building ? And does it make you fat if you eat some everyday ?

  16. 3:15 I did the formula and even added the 400 calories and the amount I need to gain muscle is still less than 2,500 FML

  17. That diet works great for a normal person. But someone who is type two diabetic or even prediabetic I’d stay away from a lot of carbs and sugar.

  18. Thank you Jeremy been going to the gym lost 30 pounds and wanted to lean bulk but didn’t know what to eat until now will be following you !

  19. I dont think my tummy can hold so much

  20. i really like your video very much.I leave the house at 7.30 am in the morning and I came back home at 8 pm after my workout at gym, except the breakfast , lunch and dinner the evening pre-workout meal I can't prepare and take it office.Is there a simple recipe I can do it for pre-workout ? I would really appreciate if you could propose some ideas for it.

  21. at 3:53
    1.5 cups of 1% milk

    Milk: Am I a joke to you

  22. Fantastic video! It is great you make it so simple. Whith this diet in mind, how many days you are supposed to train per week?

  23. Subd! You sir are the man!

  24. Finishing that breakfast shake before school is impossible

  25. Jeremy, your videos are so informative brother. I love the way you present your information and how you break it all down at the end. You're amazing brother. Keep up the amazing work.

  26. that is one expensive diet

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